Pie Menu Editor 1.17.2

Thank you!!!:v: I 've been able to turn your scripting suggestions into a fully installable blender add-on after dealing with some “upgrade to 2.8x required” error and fixing it with these bl_info lines:

bl_info = {
“name”: “Addon Name”,
“category”: “Object”,
"blender": (2, 80, 0)

Your further help has also allowed me to hide these unhandy workspaces tabs on the top bar, but unfortunately did not hide or remove the whole top bar area.

At first, I wanted to remove the entire top bar in benefit of some more space for other important view elements. But now I must face two more issues at blender 2.80:

1.) Blender 2.80’s top bar may probably better not to be removed at all. Because it contains blender’s core menu (file, edit, window, render, help) & both individual select menus for scenes & view layers. After removing those menus, I would not know how to re-access them somehow better or anywhere else. :weary:

2.) After managing to select workspaces (ex-2.79-screens) via drop-down menu, which is not provided by default in blender 2.80 anymore, I need each workspace being connected to a determined scene E.g. when selecting workspace A blender should load scene 1, then selecting workspace B would automatically load its connected scene 2. etc. :worried:

Any ideas to assign scenes to individual workspaces or to trigger scene loading by workspace selection?

Looks like I’m not the only user being concerned with the matter:


3D View selection?
Where/how you want to use this info?

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I have found this addon here, and this is what i was looking to customize the blender tools and create the tools without writing code.
I have some question.

  1. Is it possible to create the pie menu with right mouse click just like maya, without removing the existing right mouse option in blender.

Please see the attached image for reference.


This is a bug report in pie menu editor 1.16.4.
In blender 2.81, the sidearea toggle action hide function was not working.

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How can I make a crease scroll in my menu?
I can’t understand how to write parameters = ((

Hi nice menus and theme! how do you get them on the left side of 3D Viewport ? I created a panel group set to the left but I can’t see it :thinking:

Hi @Santosh_TechArtist ,
Yes, it’s possible. Add a pie, select Object Mode keymap, Right Mouse hotkey and Hold or Click Drag hotkey modes.

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Works in 2.82 alpha for me. Where I can download 2.81?

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Check this post.
You can find and import mesh_edge_crease_and_bevel_weight_properties.json file in pie_menu_editor/examples folder.


I am using blender 2.81 beta.
(November 20, 00:54:53-115a5bf65a6b
(Windows 64 bit)

I still feel that switching is not working as gif as before.
I added add-on again and tried importing.

By the way, the place where DL was downloaded from the official by example.

I also converted the 2.81 environment with 2.82 alpha using the blender function, and as a result, the same phenomenon as gif occurred.
Since it is difficult for me to identify the cause, I attach the json file in question. :upside_down_face:

special menus.json (3.8 KB)

Is there somewhere a base of premade menus/pie’s (except example ones)?

Please try to reproduce in released Blender 2.81 version.
If it still doesn’t work open Blender from command line, reproduce the issue and send me the output.

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No, afaik.

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Hey, just checking in, did this feature get added? :slight_smile:

Hi, @Jakro. Not yet.

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After setting the Blender version to 2.81, I initialized the data in the Pie menu editor, created a Side Area on the newly created Pie, and executed it. The result was the same as before.

Also, as Mr. roaoao told me, we launched blender from the command line, but there was nothing important about the execution process.

if I backed up the blender file in APPDATA, created a new 2.81 environment again, put Pie Menu Editor into it and ran SideArea, it worked fine. :neutral_face:

What does PME Panel Tools do?
I watched your Youtube Expanding Panels, but I still don’t understand it. The documentation URL in this post is outdated and I couldn’t find it on wiki.

Hi there are two more questions.

  1. How can I reproduce the view3d.view_axis specification like an image with Pie Menu Editor?

2, I tried to get the property from AddonPreferences of other add-ons as shown in the second image and assign it to a shortcut such as Pie, but I could not call it well.

The specification made at that time is as follows.

L.prop(C.groupProPreferences, ‘groupBBox_use’, text=slot, icon=icon, icon_value=icon_value)

I still do not know what is wrong.
Please give me advice. :grinning:

It allows to use built-in panels in your menus.
Eg. adding built-in Keyframing Settings panel to a popup dialog:

You also can extend built-in panels with your popup dialogs or another built-in panels.
Eg. extending Item panel with Object Data button and View3D Display panel with Object Display panel:


Add a new Stack Key with Click Drag hotkey and this code in Command tab:

is_vertical = abs(drag_y) > abs(drag_x); is_south = is_vertical and drag_y <= 0; is_north = is_vertical and drag_y > 0; is_west = not is_vertical and drag_x < 0; is_east = not is_vertical and drag_x > 0;  bpy.ops.view3d.view_axis('INVOKE_DEFAULT', True, relative=True, type=['LEFT', 'RIGHT', 'BOTTOM', 'TOP'][0 * is_west + 1 * is_east + 2 * is_south + 3 * is_north])

Find add-on’s id in Python Console using this code:


And use it to get access to add-ons preferences:



L.prop(C.preferences.addons['ADDON_ID'].preferences, 'groupBBox_use', text=slot, icon=icon, icon_value=icon_value)