Pie Menu Editor 1.17.5

Looks like new Drag and Drop modifiers are hardcoded in Blender and we cannot display them in popups :disappointed:

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Try this code in Custom tab:

L.props_enum(C.tool_settings, "snap_elements")


L.prop_menu_enum(C.tool_settings, "snap_elements")

Or for Snap to Vertex, Edge, Face buttons:

L.prop_enum(C.tool_settings, "snap_elements", 'VERTEX')
L.prop_enum(C.tool_settings, "snap_elements", 'EDGE')
L.prop_enum(C.tool_settings, "snap_elements", 'FACE')

What about as panel?

thanks for quick reply and answer
i tried the 3 codes but it turned out toggle able button i know its a similar to checkbox

but i really prefer checkbox , is there a way to seperate this style?

i really want to mimic the ui for 3ds max for blender so i hope you can help me

here’s my attempt and it doesnt work :frowning: , i am lost and i really dont know what im doing sorry

L.prop_menu_enum(C.tool_settings, "snap_elements", 'VERTEX')
L.menu(C.tool_settings, "snap_elements", 'VERTEX', text=slot, icon=icon, icon_value=icon_value, toggle=True)
L.prop_enum(C.tool_settings, "snap_elements", 'VERTEX', text=slot, icon=icon, icon_value=icon_value, toggle=True)

Damn, liked having the modifiers has a popup like shown.

Try Modifier list

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No, unfortunately. The whole modifiers panel is hardcoded.

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You can use operator() function but it’s not ideal solution:

items = C.tool_settings.rna_type.properties["snap_elements"].enum_items; col = L.column(align=True); [operator(col, "pme.exec", text=item.name, icon='CHECKBOX_HLT' if item.identifier in C.tool_settings.snap_elements else 'CHECKBOX_DEHLT', emboss=False, cmd="C.tool_settings.snap_elements = {'%s',}" % item.identifier) for item in items]

hey thanks for the quick reply and answering my question
tried the code but yeah so there’s no really way to separate them ,
i think im going to stick with default popup of snap to ( blender default ui )

thank you again

Can someone help me fix this. I want the color type to work for both wireframe mode and solid shading mode.
I had to make 2 different same popups for changing Color Mode

In that case shouldn’t be better to just add the whole color panel with “interactive panels” ?

I guess it would also have the BG info but its fully dynamic and works with all shading options.

And you can always change the header to false (“header=False”) to get a little more space

panel('VIEW3D_PT_shading_color', frame=True, header=False, expand=None, area='VIEW_3D')


Thanks mate! Yes I did stumbled upon doing that ! but I guess in that case we cant avoid having background (theme/world/viewport) there too which I dont want. But Yeah In this way the color change works for all modes !

Hello there, i am here again with a problem. I am trying to set up this materials pie but some things are not working. Can anyone help ? :pleading_face:

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Can I add a custom bone property named " cc " with PME?

After you add it with the panel tools you are gonna get something like this depending on the render you are using

panel('CYCLES_MATERIAL_PT_surface', frame=True, header=True, expand=None, area='PROPERTIES')

Just change the last part that says area='PROPERTIES' to area='VIEW_3D'

like this

panel('CYCLES_MATERIAL_PT_surface', frame=True, header=True, expand=None, area='VIEW_3D')

Remember they are specific to the current render mode so if you want to have one for Eevee and one for Cycles you need to make two different menus.

In this case I would suggest to make 2 Popup menus and use the advance setting to tell the menu to only appear when you are in the correct mode.

For Eevee return C.scene.render.engine == 'BLENDER_EEVEE'

For Cycles return C.scene.render.engine == 'CYCLES'

Then just add the 2 popup menus in the principal menu since they will only appear in the specific render mode.

Yes, try to use Custom tab for this:

L.prop(C.object.data.bones["Bone"], '["cc"]')

where did I do wrong?
menu item with that custom code does not appear when select a bone in edit mode.

here is the menu: BonePropName.json (360 Bytes)

Can you send me the blend file?

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untitled.blend (551.0 KB)
nothing special about the mesh or bones, using PIE 1.17.2

You don’t have any custom property on any bones in the blend file. Note that edit and pose bones have own set of custom properties.
Try to add cc custom property on Bone bone.

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