Pie Menu Editor 1.17.5

Never mind I got it

bpy.context.scene.tool_settings.snap_elements = {'EDGE', 'FACE', 'VERTEX'}

A Preference Save PME Header button. One-click opens to the directory of choice, name file and enter.

Hi, Roaroao
I found 2 issues:

  1. When I export this macro then import it later the highlighted slot goes to enable state (It’s supposed to be disable by default)

  2. When I’m in rendered mode and toggle off the property side area on the right of the viewport, it jump to the solid mode. (I have other toggle side area on the left that don’t cause this issue)

Hey. How to add a switch and checkbox(for example solid>wireframe) ?Thank

Is it possible to do modal operator for function “next select vertex,edge,face”?Thank

May I ask how you achieved the Favorites on top of the modifiers? Is this possible using PME?

I’m using the Modifier List add-on, but this modifier UI looks like a hybrid between Modifier List and the default Blender modifier UI.

Hi Meltin,
I’m using modifier list too but actually I’ve updating to 2.90 and testing the new stack modifiers.
But yes it’s possible to extend the panel with a popup:



I’m trying to recreate the modifier presets buttons from your screenshot. I’ve added a first modifier button on top of the modifier drop-down menu:


How can I:

  1. Add more buttons horizontally instead of vertically?
  2. Assign multi-colored icons like in your screenshot?


  1. These are custom icons that I put in the pme icons folder

Super, thanks! :+1:

Here are my fresh custom modifier presets:

Only one more question: how do I move the modifier preset buttons to the top of the Modifier Tools add-on section (above Viewport Vis, Apply All, etc.) ?

— Edit: fixed! :slight_smile: the Modifier Tools add-on buttons were automatically placed underneath the modifier preset buttons after a Blender restart.


Is it possible to record a macro that will add a node (for example bevel) to the desired slot - normal?

Would you please consider starting a official discord for your addons, especially this one? A better medium for talking/asking quick questions to not just you (may help on the amount of support you choose to do). Any additional tools to help communicate on addons like this really help. Just a suggestion - or if there already is a discord link share the wealth :wink:

Thanks, will fix in the next version.

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We can’t hide it off screen, afaik.

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Not sure. Try this code:

pme.layout = L.box().column(align=True); bpy.types.SFC_primitives_popup.draw(pme, C)

To find the type name (SFC_primitives_popup) call this code in Blender’s console editor:


You can use Custom tab for this:

text, icon, id = ("Solid", 'SHADING_SOLID', 'WIREFRAME') if C.space_data.shading.type == 'SOLID' else ("Wire", 'SHADING_WIRE', 'SOLID'); L.operator("pme.exec", text=text, icon=icon).cmd = "C.space_data.shading.type = '%s'" % id

You want to toggle vertex -> edge -> face -> vertex -> ... modes?
Add a Stack Key with this slot:

msm = C.tool_settings.mesh_select_mode; C.tool_settings.mesh_select_mode = (msm[2], msm[0], msm[1])

Record? No.
But you can write a script for this.

What do you want to do with this popup? And where I can find it?


Thanks, will try to fix them.

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I don’t have time for this. Maybe in future.

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modal operator for function “select next - vertex,edge,face”