Pie Menu Editor 1.17.5

Did you restart Blender? Which bug is still not fixed?

ok. Since some time i’m using similar functionality to radial controls but with Modal operators.

Generally it’s ok ( visualization could be better )

…but changing size of a brush in linear way is far from perfect. For small sizes steps are too big for large are to small. Can I change them in more exponential way? And freeze placement of mouse pointer at the time of changing size ?

And another thing. My pie menu is rather in it’s early days of development :wink:

Generally need to optimize the space. At the moment i have problems minimizing information. For example is there a possibility to instead of using small icon and a name use large icons ( with apha / without a frame ) and use custom graphics for it ( even original ones / not the miniatures

// and group space with visual groups and labels for them ( in my case masking and visibility have similar names need to separate them and make more understanding for another users )


hi! need help with another:
I want to get separate pie menu for curve editing which collides with another:

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After deleting the existing shortcut of Blender, inserting fixMenu into Pie Menu Editor 1.15, reinstalling the add-on, and re-registering the shortcut of Pie Menu Editor, the Blender We have confirmed the resolution of the issue of the forced termination of
Thank you for the fix. :grinning:

Sure. No icons are displayed in the info menu header

at 2.91 is empty here

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this may be a better solution https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmLnqyRxX3w

thanks, I tried this addon but didn’t like it
I need to buy PME one more time
roaoao deserves it

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Yes, He does, I gladly bought it twice.

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return C.scene.tool_settings.mesh_select_mode[0]

How would you add another select mode to this code? “1” for example.
I’m trying to make a macro that only works in vertex & edge mode.

Hey, I switched to the 2.91 Beta and since the switch noticed an issue with a menu I created in PME. It seems to appear only on menus with more than one row. The menu stretches far wider than it needs to and makes selecting things a little difficult. Moving all the entries into a single row fixes this, but I’d rather keep it in two rows.

edit: It appears to grow with every entry on the second row. So Having just one entry on the second row is hardly a problem, having ten stretches the men way out.

I would really like to create a tool that combines Clear Location, Clear Rotation and Clear Scale as one command with checkboxes to be able to toggle them, just like Apply Object Transform has:
So far I have come up with nothing even remotely plausible.
Could someone help me with this one please?

I’ve made my Pie Menu Editor menus available as a free download. You’ll need the PME add-on though.

Here’s an impression of my Sculpt Mode menus. There are also menus for other modes.


Help me, I use the 1.17.5 version in version 2.92 after editing the configuration, it can not use the space bar to call out the menu, because it will directly exit the blender. I do not know how it is, please help me see, and may be I am using a Chinese system computer, whenever I open the 'Save and Restore Tree Vieew When restarting Blender with the ‘State’ function, the following error occurs.
Python: Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Users\zhou-\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.92\scripts\addons\pie_menu_editor_init_.py”, line 317, in modal
File “C:\Users\zhou-\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.92\scripts\addons\pie_menu_editor_init_.py”, line 250, in on_context
File “C:\Users\zhou-\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.92\scripts\addons\pie_menu_editor\preferences.py”, line 3627, in register
File “C:\Users\zhou-\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.92\scripts\addons\pie_menu_editor\preferences.py”, line 1200, in load_state
data = f.read()
UnicodeDecodeError: ‘gbk’ codec can’t decode byte 0xaa in position 121: illegal multibyte sequence

location: :-1

Please help me see how to do this. Thank you, sir,

PS:帮帮我,我在2.92版本使用1.17.5版本编辑了配置之后,就无法使用空格键唤出菜单了,因为它会直接退出blender.我也不知道是怎么回事,请帮我看一下,另外可能是我使用的是中文系统的电脑,每当我开启’Save and Restore Tree Vieew State’ 功能的时候,重启Blender就会出现报错,如下请帮忙看一下要怎么弄.谢谢,

2020.10.27_23.55.17.json (140.0 KB)

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Have same problem with spacebar ( 1.17.5 with 2.91 beta ) - spacebar works in sculpt mode but in edit mode triggers Blender to exit.