Pie Menu Editor 1.18.0

Is 1.18.0 update free or a $12 charge? was any current PME owner charged again when downloading 1.18.0 ?

Free updates after purchase, no extra charge


I’ve been trying to ad the F9 key as a short cut and it doest seem to work for me I even tried to use the python code for it but I had no luck.

The Info window in the scripting tab doesn’t show any code when F9 is pressed any suggestions?

Oslo I’ve tried your code on your documentation (see just below) and it’s causing Blender 2.901 to crash I’m on a MAC not sure if that makes a difference.

L.box().label(text, icon=icon, icon_value=icon_value)

Thanks for any suggestions that anyone might offer.

thanks, so look’s like I’ve got to fight again with Gumroad for a refund for the third time. I’ve been down this road before with Gumroad and it’s not fun. Gumroad’s horrible interface and system of proving you have already purchased a product. It uses to be fine if you were logged in it would say “You have Purchased this” but in the last year, it’s become confusing. Second gumroad pushes all the responsibility on to the vendor, I get it but the lack of communication with gumroad leaves me thinking there playing games.

Can you setup a sticky key so you can scrub the timeline from anywhere? Hold down the “k” key and move the mouse left and right to change the current frame like Maya. In blender you can alt + mouse wheel up and down. Also “f” and mouse left/right changes brush size in sculpting so the underlining code is there.

Thank you for your work on a great addon.

For people having problems with this in 2.91

go to: AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.91\scripts\addons\pie_menu_editor\ed_popup.py

And change every instance of:


There should be 4 instances, the first one its just a comment so it doesn’t really matter but the other 3 are under those specific menus.

For some reason this seems to do the trick for me, don’t ask why.

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Thanks @Motiomancer,
Will be fixed in the next version.

You can use modal operator for this. Here is an example. Press and hold K key and move the mouse.


Try to use Screen keymap.

Please try this code instead:

L.box().label(text=text, icon=icon, icon_value=icon_value)

Perfect! Thank you.

how can i have any(like material utilities or even right click menu, for example) menu being already opened in pie menu?
i get how to make it to open on mouseover, but is there any way to call it already opened?

there is an answer from roaoao that you can adapt to do this.

  • active interactive panels

  • add the menu you need anywhere, you want the path that is in quotes after “panel=”

  • in this case the context menu path would be: VIEW3D_MT_object_context_menu

now use that path in this Custom code:

pme.layout = L.box().column(align=True); bpy.types. <<<Name here>>> .draw(pme, C)

so it should look like this

pme.layout = L.box().column(align=True); bpy.types.VIEW3D_MT_object_context_menu.draw(pme, C)

I think you can do this with any menu that is able to be added with interactive panels