Pie Menu Editor 1.18.2

This is probably because of the Python changes in 2.93. Haven’t yet tried running PME in it myself, but lots of addons are affected!

Yeah, for once I´m not jumping on the nightlies, sticking on stable release. It´ll be at least a month before we see large addon support for 2.93.

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You could try giving a more specific context to the menus

instead of asking for a gpencil object

return C.active_object and C.active_object.type == 'GPENCIL'

gpencil object and in object mode

return C.active_object and C.active_object.type == 'GPENCIL' and C.active_object.mode == 'OBJECT'

gpencil object and not in object mode

return C.active_object and C.active_object.type == 'GPENCIL' and C.active_object.mode != 'OBJECT'

Other than that its about troubleshooting the menus, maybe disable all of them and start re enabling the tab ones to see which ones are in conflict


Hi. Trying to create shortcuts to new windows like shader editor:

bpy.ops.pme.popup_area(area=‘ShaderNodeTree’, auto_close=False)

It works but try to save your scene with that window opened ( in my case on second display ). You’ll never see it again. It’ll crash Blender immediately after opening.

Wondering if someone can help please.
I have added a list of my favorite modifiers to a pie menu (works great) however I’d like for the modifiers menu to open (or the ui to switch to the modifiers tab) when adding the modifier.
I know nothing about coding :frowning: a simple explanation would be great.

I tried this: bpy.ops.object.modifier_add(type=‘SUBSURF’),bpy.context.space_data.context = ‘MODIFIER’
I just added the second part after the bracket (got it from “info” tab) hoping it would work…It didn’t

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For powerful modifier management you can also check out Modifier List. I particularly love the on-screen pop-up menu with a complete modifier UI.

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Again, exactly what I needed. I didn’t even know it was possible to use multiple statements here, or how to combine them. Thanks a lot!

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Try using the default header

bpy.ops.pme.popup_area(area='ShaderNodeTree', header='DEFAULT')

For me it didn’t work …
but I have to say that I made a complex combination.

For each type of object has the same shortcut (Ctrl + D)
Object Mode and Edit Mode

On top of that there is the combination of (Stack Key + Pie Menu)

If I {press} (Ctrl + D) make the Subdivide command
If I {hold} (Ctrl + D) make the Subdivide command

Subdivide - Object Mode = Curve


Subdivide Pie Menu - Object Mode = Curve


Thanks Metin.

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Is it possible to populate the ui side panel group with common commands? I can’t seem to add the vertex, edge, face commands from theemu to the ui side panel.

Also this panel can’t be added in anyway to a regular menu or side panel group?

Unfortunately no this panel is hard coded and we can’t have any access to it

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Hello guys.Do you have any idea how to use the central point of the pie menu as an additional sot?
Take the standard “Shading” menu below for example.
If we could use its middle part as another slot, it could be a great place for the operator “view3d.toggle_shading” (in this case), so we would have both: the entire pie menu and a quick switch between last two shading modes used, assigned to the same hotkey.
What do you think about it?

pie menu

Is there a way to do this in Pie Editor?
Move these functions anywhere in the UI as a direct individual buttons? The need to click the dropdown menu to change transform pivot point is driving me nuts.

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You can’t change how the pies work, but, you’re in luck because you can already do what you want!
Just set your pie to open on clickdrag, and you’ll still be able to use the hotkey in Blender, or a Stack Key in PME

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Not anywhere, but you can put them on the top bar. Just click the red ‘PME Menu Tools’ you see there and choose whether you want to add them at the beginning or the end. Then, you can add each option to a stack key, or put those in there

Bingo! I completely forgot about this option, thank you :slight_smile:

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Thanks I was able to do it! :smiley:

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I’m not able to add the shift+s snap and cursor commands to menu’s in pie editor. I tried adding from top menu, from operator list in pie editor. The resulting slot buttons are just grayed out. Is it possible?

The following commands work very well for me:

bpy.context.scene.tool_settings.transform_pivot_point = ‘BOUNDING_BOX_CENTER’
bpy.context.scene.tool_settings.transform_pivot_point = ‘CURSOR’
bpy.context.scene.tool_settings.transform_pivot_point = ‘INDIVIDUAL_ORIGINS’
bpy.context.scene.tool_settings.transform_pivot_point = ‘MEDIAN_POINT’
bpy.context.scene.tool_settings.transform_pivot_point = ‘ACTIVE_ELEMENT’