Pie Menu Editor 1.18.4

Hi @Firmino,
The short answer is yes. Most macro operators behaves like the regular ones. But to make sure please post an example of what stack key you want to create.

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Hi @actimelvanille,
Everything works fine on my side. Please export and pm me at least some of these shortcuts.

Hi @Pinhead,
Sure, will add them in the next version.


Hi @Bruce_Christy,
Have you tried setting the “1” key here:

I need that when I press the “A” key, the “Macro Operator” is activated and when I press the “A” key again, the macro actions are canceled.

  1. Press “A” - “Macro Operator”
  2. Press “A” - Undo “Macro Operator”
  3. Press “A” - Macro Operator"
  4. Press “A” - Undo “Macro Operator”
    I didn’t find any way other than using the “Stuck Key”, but I can’t create such commands. Undo always cancels all previous actions, and I need the “Stack Key” to work only with the selected vertex.

The commands in “Macro Operator” are the most common:
Dissolve vertex, Triangulate, Tris to Quads, Select, Deselect etc

Here is an example. Import it, select some faces in mesh edit mode and press A to call a macro (dissolve and triangulate selected faces). Press A again to undo the macro.

You can find your macro by name to use it in a stack key here:


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not possible if unanswered, i suppose…

Hi @impacman,
Unfortunately, PME has no an easy way to create a tool like this.

You can check Re-last add-on. It does exactly what you want.

For this tool I would recommend a pie menu.

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Bought this recently. The old videos have me confused. I’m trying to add a panel group menu … N-Panel specifically. It doesn’t seem like this should be difficult. Click the plus button, select panel group. While in the Editor, named the group to “Stuff”, the little box is checked, 3D Viewport shows in one of 4 buttons below the menu name. UI (Side Panel) shows in another. Below that, “Any Context” and then the panel category - what should be here? Just make up another name or does it have to be something that exists? From there, nothing happens. Do I have to save the blend file for the new N-panel menu to appear? Save preferences? I cannot find any way to get this to work (probably something embarasingly simple…)

The menu exists… I can right click on a function to bring up the Pie Menu Editor option, then I’m given the option to “add to Stuff” (the name of my menu). When I do, i get another pop-up menu that says “Stuff” at the top with options to “Select Item” or “Search and Select Item” … ??? I really am not understanding what I’m missing or am supposed to be doing…

Nothing gets added to the menu, the menu is invisible…

Upon searching this forum, I just found a couple posts saying N-panel menus can not be made… Is that legit? That’s the main reason I purchased PME…

Some things can’t be used in it like the Active Tools Panel has seen in the video.

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Hey Justin, really appreciate the time you took to make the video. That worked. Sadly, I don’t think PME works the way I thought it did. Thought I could put ops like “Poke Face” into an N-panel menu. Will play around some more… Thanks again.

With panel group you can draw existing panels but you can also create popup menus with all your ops in it and put popups into the panel.

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What StroBlend said, also be sure to have the Popup Dialog selected you want to add stuff to.