Pie Menu Editor 1.18.5

I meant through PME commands though… Anyone?

You can take this guy’s addon and hack it into your own node group holder for which you can then map each node group button in the addon’s N-panel in the node editor with PME. You’d have to either manually edit the init.py or find someone that knows how to automate it. So basically find all the pertinent code blocks that create each button for a node group and then just use find and replace to put in your nodes. You can also remove the material panel in the addon to tidy it up to just node groups. The free Atom editor is great.

Then just fill the assets folder up with each node group as its own blend. Remove the default nodes, add your own, or duplicate the addon and have seperate versions if you want to split them up for different types of nodes.

Quick Zurface

There’s probably a better way to do it… Just need to find an addon that has a good node group management system that also shows the groups as buttons like QZ or some other way that PME will let you map them.

is it possible to associate the Shift, Control and alt keys to the numeric keyboard keys?

to use them by holding with the mouse left click ?


What do you mean by associate to the numeric keys? Do you mean the numpad keys or just the numbers across the top 1-0? Sounds like you just want modifier keys on the left click.

Not sure you can do it with Blender since you’re essentially trying to map two actions to no function.

You can use a free program called X-Mouse Button Control to do it.
Make sure you specify that it only functions while Blender is in focus so it’s not doing it system wide.

example :

hold 7 + click = hold shift+click
hold 8 + click = hold ctrl+click
hold 9 + click = hold alt+click


Yeah, sounds like basic remapping of the keys, which would be done outside Blender. Here’s another app that can do keys.
Sharp Keys
There’s probably another free one out there that will do it per application. Maybe you already have a keyboard that has software that can do it like Razer or Logitech.

Is there any such application that is activated only when Blender is started?

As far as activating that app only when Blender is started, I’d imagine that could be written into a shell script or other such OS app scripting tools. You’d probably want it to run if blender opens and only when it’s the focused app so it’s normal in other apps. Not finding any apps that will do single keys per app easily like hotkeys. AutoHotkey should be able to do it.

the button: save all images from image editor?

is it possible to make a shortcut to press while still in the shader editor?
and something appears on the shader editor screen that announces that the button was successful when used?

thank you again

I have noticed that the Pie Menu Editor seems to have stopped updating recently…
Will the add-on work properly in the latest Blender 3.2.0 environment?


Yeah it will, works on 3.3 Alpha.

Regarding updates, only @roaoao can only answer this.

I’ve started to learn Serpens has a alternative, though it’s a lot more manual process compared to PME, still haven’t worked out how to toggle a area like in PME.


I see, the Pie Menu Editor is still functional in blender 3.3. Thanks for the information.

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Thanks for the assistance here, but, I repeat - the addon doesn’t work properly on 3.2 and 3.3 alpha.

The click-drag functionality is broken because of API changes, namely these:
" Tweak events have been removed from KeyMapItem.type. (EVT_TWEAK_L, EVT_TWEAK_M, EVT_TWEAK_R)"

According to the release notes here:

So it looks like an update is needed in order to have full functionality.

Yes this is a problem that I forgot about, I’ve tried looking at the code to see if I can fix it, but I’m very noob still even with python (let alone C+), so may take awhile unless roaoao or someone else can fix it.

Yeah, same here :slight_smile:

I tried to replace the “TWEAK” occurrences with “CLICK_DRAG” (as that’s what the event is called when examining the info panel) until it either worked or it broke and… it worked (sort of, it was actually behaving the same as “PRESS”) until in broke :sweat_smile:

Needless to say someone more knowledgeable than me is needed.

Regarding serpens, I also played around with that, but that’s also missing the “CLICK_DRAG” option in the “On_Keypress” event. I’ll play around with it a bit more - the plan is to output the addon from serpens than manually modify the resulting python file. But I need to figure serpens out a bit more, first.


Turns out serpens is really powerful for making pie menus. And you can easily solve the click-drag issue. Either by manually editing the resulting addon, or, my preferred way - editing serpens a bit to include the click-drag option.

In order to do this, all you have to do is edit the “On Keypress.py” file in “blender_visual_scripting_addon\nodes\Events”, and add this line:
(“CLICK_DRAG”,“Click Drag”,“The action is run when the key is pressed and the mouse pointer is moved”),

after this line:
(“DOUBLE_CLICK”,“On Double Click”,“The action is run when the mouse button is clicked twice”),

I’ll try to contact the serpens developer and ask him to add this in the official release, as well.


I already mentioned the click-drag to serpens developers. Should be in the next build.

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Yeah only just read something Joshua has already added it on the discord channel.

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Right, good news, then :slight_smile:



These are probably a blender issues, but thought I’d ask…

Is there a way to make drop-down menus open radially away from pie center? They open by default to the lower right of a pme item regardless of where they are in the pie. Maybe the code that tells a menu to open above or below an item due to proximity to window edge could be useful in this?

There is also an issue that If cursor hovers over a pie item drop-down menu briefly, it will often make other pie menu items unable to be selected. The pie will have to be closed/opened again to get at the other pie items.

Hi, I need help with this one:

Sculpting mode. I want to isolate masked area in one action:

  1. Expand by Topology ( with keep previous )
  2. Invert mask
  3. Hide masked

Problem is that script doesn’t allow me to finish expand mask and it goes further info 2nd and 3rd step.

Any ideas?