Pie Menu Editor 1.18.7

Thanks for your suggestions and bug report. But adding new features is beyond the scope of volunteer support. For the tag deletion issue, please provide more specific details.

For new features or complex issues, open the code editor and share concrete examples or proposals. That’s the most efficient way.


Thanks for the error video. In future, adding a text description helps provide full context.
Tag deletion error noted. It’s not critical, but I’ll look into it when time allows. No fixed timeline.
Just a reminder: I’m a volunteer, not the developer. Community support works best with mutual respect.

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Uh, excuse me. I saw you replying to everyone and sending edits and I thought you were a developer. Do you know what happened to the developer, will there be more updates from him?

No news on roaoao or future plans. Hope he’s OK.

Tag deletion error: Likely a simple Blender API key change. Probably a 1-2 character fix.
Can’t check it myself - swamped at new job. Anyone free to take a look? Great chance to dive into addon maintenance.

I found a mistake. Just change ‘ZOOMOUT’ to ‘ZOOM_OUT’ … ed_base.py → 292 → ‘ZOOMOUT’ → ‘ZOOM_OUT’

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Wow, great catch! Thanks for sharing!!

Hi there - did that fix the tag error you mentioned?
There is also a ‘ZOOMOUT’ on line 219 - does that one need to be changed as well?

If no error occurs there, it’s likely being handled by layout_helper. Also, addon.py has an icon compatibility mechanism that probably covers these minor differences. Feel free to look into it.

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No error, but if you change it, the icon will change… ZOOMIN is also incorrectly named. ‘ZOOMIN’ → ‘ZOOM_IN’


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Thanks for sharing. What error is attributed to this change? Is the old context override method not working?

it didn’t work. (Debug)

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bpy.ops.pme.popup_area() - that doesn’t work either, but I don’t know how to fix it.

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I thought it sounded familiar, so I looked it up and found that I’d had this problem in the past, and I’d tried to deal with it, but I’d given up. But I can’t remember anything about that… And I don’t have time to look into it at the moment.

I can’t remember if this is related to the pme.popup_area problem, but my biggest concern at the moment is the removal of the traditional context override. I would have to switch to temp_override, but that is probably beyond me.

PS: From the traceback, it still seems likely that the context override is not working. (At least that’s what I’m working from.) Check temp_override. It might give you some clues.
When I fixed pme.sidearea_toggle, I also replaced it with temp_override. Have a look at the extra_operators.py I share in the following post.

I was so curious that I couldn’t get anything else done, so I gave it a try. Yep, it worked by exactly the same means.(The issue of hard crashing when trying to popup the asset browser remains. Other options such as size need to be checked as well. But it shouldn’t be hard to fix. Try it.)

I found that I have in the past created a with_override function in screen_utils to deal with the context override issue. I share it as it might be useful.

def with_override(
        operation, area, screen=None, window=None, region='WINDOW', **kwargs):
    window = window or bpy.context.window
    screen = screen or bpy.context.screen
    region = region or bpy.context.region

    if isinstance(screen, str):
        screen = bpy.data.screens.get(screen, bpy.context.screen)

    if not screen:
        return dict()

    if isinstance(area, str):
        for a in screen.areas:
            if a.type == area:
                area = a
            return dict()

    if isinstance(region, str):
        for r in area.regions:
            if r.type == region:
                region = r
            region = area.regions[0]

    if bpy.app.version >= (4, 0, 0):
        with bpy.context.temp_override(window=window, area=area, region=region, **kwargs):
            return operation()
        override = override_context(area, window=window, region=region, **kwargs)
        return operation(override)

Also, and this is just out of curiosity on my part, can you give me a step-by-step procedure to reproduce the problem? I think it is related to the PME context menu, but wm.pmi_edit_auto is only called if certain conditions are met, so it takes a bit of time to identify them. It would be helpful to add a little explanation for other members.

I was wrong, my solution does not affect anything, the error occurs when the INFO area is open.

This is not a gesture game, so please, for goodness sake, text to organise the situation.

At the very least, I want to be able to reproduce it accurately in my environment. Otherwise I won’t bother trying.
FYI: You can see how people share and discuss problems here.