Pie menu operator passing properties

New to blender scripting and trawling through lots of code in the release to get a handle on the format.

I want to change the standard blender pie addon “pie_views_numpad_menu” to use an aligned view if an object is selected by setting property “align_active=True”. The current code only allows setting of view_axis.type - see below. Is it possible to pass two properties when creating a pie button ie type = ‘LEFT’, align_active=True I think I can set a variable selset = obj is not None which I can pass on. Thanks in advance.

def draw(self, context):
    layout = self.layout
    ob = context.active_object
    pie = layout.menu_pie()
    scene = context.scene
    rd = scene.render

    # 4 - LEFT
    pie.operator("view3d.view_axis", text="Left", icon='TRIA_LEFT').type = 'LEFT'


button = pie.operator(“view3d.view_axis”, text=“Left”, icon=‘TRIA_LEFT’)
button.type = ‘LEFT’
button.align_active = True