Pie menus activation distance

I was trying to find an option to change activation/deactivation distance for pie menus but failed to do so. Problem for me is that I have assigned two pie menus on the side buttons of my mouse, but since it’s A4 tech v8 bloody it has aluminum feet and it is hard to make it steady when clicking those buttons so pie menus turn off instead of staying put. Problem might be because i use 4k screen and that 10px activation is to little of a threshold.

Settings about Pie Menus can be found under Preferences window -> Interface -> Menus -> Pie Menus

Well i tried everything that is there but I can’t fix the problem. Try activating any pie menu by holding key for it move mouse a in few directions and then release the pie menu key, pie menu will close. I am not sure if that is intended behavior or I am missing something in the settings.

That is intended behavior when you hold key.

If you tap key, pie menu should appear and only disappear after a click.
Tap Key Timeout setting in preferences is there to define delay necessary to pass from Tap behavior to Hold behavior.

Another solution to prevent Pie-menu disapearance may be to change shortcut behavior in Keymap.
Instead of a Press key event, you can choose Click or Release.

That somewhat fixed it. Although I did lose drag behavior it’s more manageable without menu constantly closing.