Pie opening of 2D circle

Hello, I want to animate this 2D circle to open up. It is supposed to start from the top, looking as a thin pie piece and then it opens up like shown in the image. The purpose of that pie opening is showing the view angle of camera which is 190°.

Hey, It looks like a mesh object so you could do that with a shape key you animate.

Yes I know, I already tried that. But the circle edges have many vertexes, and I find it impossible to move them individually so that they can open up as a clean round circle.

Hey, I realize that wont be a good fit with what you want, so try the ‘Screw’ modifier with a ‘Mirror’ modifier and animate the ‘Angle’ on the screw mod. Start with 1 center vert and the top vert of the default circle. Angle values are 1/2 when using mirror mod.

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Woooaah fella thanks a lot, this was of a huge help to me.

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But another trouble remains, now I cant put some materials in it. Because I need an outline of the edges and half transparent inner part.

Hey, Well this is the part I am of NO help - maybe try posting a Q in the Materials and Textures section - sorry

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No problem fella, you already helped me enough.