Piece of wood

Hi all,
this is my latest project, I’m working on it now.
This is a part of whole interior design for client, here in warsaw/poland.
The concept of the project is based on the use of natural materials like wood, concrete, brick, etc.
I’m presenting some shots from master bedroom. More uploads soon.

Made with Blender 2.68 + Cycles, quilt and pillows made in MD2, few accesories are from the web, geografic globe is from model+model, monkeys are from flyingarchitecture, breakfast set is from the web as well.
Everything else made by me.

C&C are welcome.


little update…


Breathtaking renders (however I hate that kind of interior style). The only thing I don’t like is light book’s texture and the door. It’s to high.

Great one, good idea. But mostly i see the render square in right bottom corner :wink:

nice work !! I’ve been that skint pallets was furniture (my bookshelf was planks and beer crates ~doubled as a wine rack rofl)
love the “headboard” and the monkeys :wink:

Those are really nice renders. Very natural and photo realistic. I’m impressed!!

Awesome project! The three monkeys are creative design of this piece.

Very nice render…can you help me?where can i get marvelous designer software?thanks…

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Thanks guys, all of You, for the feedback.
The other site of this bedroom below.
Tv place and Little working corner.



Beautiful modeling and materials!

Great work! I like it!

Really nice renders.Cheers

Very nice.

good work…but why all the wall is dirty??? it is not suitable yet!!!

Hi all, thank You very much for your replies :slight_smile:
I’m glad You like my project.
Here I have one more close up- the desk. This is my own design, as well as bedhead and breakfast table, soon will be realized.


Wow. More and more Cycles based renders that actually meet expectations of the pros.

Congratulations, great work design, modeling and renders!

Zaślepka :smiley:

Great work, I very like it !

Are you the new Pixela of Blender ? :wink:

Kind regards

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“Piece of Wood” at this year’s Blender Conference.

I was asked to show the scene in a presentation. It was presented in the context of using the RayPump render accelerator, with which you can quickly render even complex scenes, using of course Blender and Cycles.
Originaly I’ve rendered all images at my studio’s computer but I’ve tried RayPump myself and I highly recommend you to try it. The sample to 1280x1080 px can be rendered free of charge. My render 1750x1200 at 3000 samples was done for about 20 minutes from uploaded whole 200Mb model to downloaded finished render.
http://raypump.com/ Have a look.

Cheers to all,
paulina kochanowicz.