pieces dont fall down

i try to let a window break but only the parent piece falls down, what is the mistake i make?
(go to the first layer and in game hit the space key)
thanks in advance!

I think (I may be wrong) that its because they are parented. What I would do would be make them all static, individually, and then when something happens (space bar, etc.) you change them all to rigid body at once.

dit that already with one piece (the one selected when you open the blend)
but is doesn’t work:S

Well here’s what I did that did work;
I cleared all the parents in the 3D view. Voila! It works!

All I had to do was clear the parents. Try it. (or maybe thats not what you want to do?)

ye, i figgured that out, but how do i load the window in the scene without parenting them. because when you clear the parents and hit space only the left corner comes in.
(ye i know i could load all pieces with different emptys at there positions. but this is a test and i do not know the position of the pieces in the future)

Ya i guess u got me beat then. Sry.

The left corner cube comes in through an empty, right? You could just add an empty for every cube…

You could add all the pieces, then remove the parent… I think you can use logic bricks for that.

isn`t that just what i did?

I didn’t download the file, so I don’t know… did you add the pieces into the scene, then remove the parents in-game?

yes, thats what i did

hmmm… that’s strange, sorry, I don’t usually add more than one or two objects at a time in a scene