This is a pier I made using Cycles Material Vault, hope you all like it.


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Great atmosphere and lighting! :wink: But there’s something wrong with glow (lens/halo effect) on lanterns. It’s kind of unpleasant. Also I see that sky texture is a bit jaggy/low quality.

The HDRI was because I accidentally choose the lower res image, and yeah I should try to get better at the glow from lights this was the first time though using the easyfx addon that could have been why.

I really like this. It’s simplicity sells - very well composed and always like to see more saturated pieces coming out of cycles.
Perhaps, vary angle of the lampposts and sign on the left (just slightly. It will add a lot (and you’ve done it with the balastrades).
Also the pier is very glossy all over, and hence looks like it really should be raining in that moment of time I feel? What do you think?

But generally, great work which is pleasant for the eye! Great stuff from the vault!!:smiley:

I could add some some rain I’ll play around with that might make it look nice, thank you.

Yes, light thinnish rain…why not go the whole hog and add a small droplet/blob on the lens somewhere? if it works…