piero with freind

HI all i finished the piero model ,made a monkey and here is the outcome
This is all blender with cycles 300 samples -
C+C all welcome and i know im no good with lighting -


Here without all the particle systems 6 in all


Hi there! It look almost better to me without particles systems, I think you should pay a bit more time to adjust them to get better result! :slight_smile:

If you want to improve your lightning for start use different colors for fill, key and rim lights. Also your Key is at the moment too bright as the feathers of the bird are burning out to completely red. Your fill light is not strong enough / doesnt really fill the shadows. As you see bird leaves big and ugly shadow to monkey body making it harder to read shapes. You seem to have also rim light, but its not really effecting the image at all as I see no additional light on the rims of the models.

Hope this helps! Have fun improving your skills :slight_smile: