Pie's Works

Please give me some advice and your thoughts on my work.

My first one:

Cinnamon Pumpkins
![http://www.uploadpoints.com/files001/gsgzWtvvP_/Cinnamon Pumkins.png](http://www.uploadpoints.com/files001/gsgzWtvvP_/Cinnamon Pumkins.png)

Pumpkin Patch
I’m going to try to make this one photo realistic. There is no land, not many decorations… you see? There is much more for me to do.

![http://www.uploadpoints.com/files001/OzDo55720I/pumpkin patch.PNG](http://www.uploadpoints.com/files001/OzDo55720I/pumpkin patch.PNG)


![http://www.uploadpoints.com/files001/M42PI-KBDW/pumpkin patch2.PNG](http://www.uploadpoints.com/files001/M42PI-KBDW/pumpkin patch2.PNG)

Thats all for now!

Any one care to give me some suggestions? It’s almost been 2 days, no replies.

Woah, I spelled Pumpkins as Pumkins on the first picture. Ooops.

I know what you mean, I’ve got a face that I can’t get anyone to comment on.

It’s a good start man. Keep working on it. Maybe soften your shadows for one good tip :slight_smile:

I think you’d have better luck making them photo-realistic if you started with higher poly sphere’s. At the moment, the creases are too sharp and create too dark of shadows. They have too much hardness and the color texture has too much red in it. I am assuming you’re using a procedural texture for that. Might try decreasing the noise size and increasing the sizey under the map input panel.

heh, yeah sorry about not getting any reply’s, but I’m in the same boat as you there. Welcome to BA, even if we don’t always go that quick, we have a few of members that do care and try to help when they can.

As for you picture, not bad, the pumpkins are getting better, but could use some more poly’s to give them a more round shape. Also the stems could use a little more variation, at lest, I’ve never seen a perfictly round pumpkin stem before.

A word of advice, if this is your first project I wouldn’t sugest going for photo realism unless you have a mentor or some other way of learning directly from a person that knows a lot. it takes a lot of time to learn blender, and probably even more time to learn how to make things look real. I’ve been blending for some time now and have yet to make something that I would call photo real, and if you spend all your time on one project while you learn to get to that point, I can almost bet you that you’ll get board of that project before it gets done. hmmm… I don’t know if this is communicating what I’'m thinking… basicly, don’t tie yourself to one project, just learn and do whatever keeps you interested.

Hope that is helpful in some way

Edit: well looks like three people posted while I was writing… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support and suggestions every one! Here is a BMP (to save quality) of my latest version. I did some soft shadows by creating multiple lights around the same area with low energy. Anyone know a better way? Also, I am wondering if it is possible to add bumpmapping to your textures. Might there be some plugin?


for the soft shadows look under the lamp settings (buttons window> Materials> Lamp> and I forgot the exact tab) and there is a soft shadow setting.

yes you can bump map, I would suggest checking out the wiki’s at Blender.org for tutorials on how to do that.

at this point quality is not a problem, jpeg’s work fine, and it is usually considered bad web ediquet to use bitmaps because of the size. (not everyone has the fastest connection, so this is to help them out with load times.)


Send me a PM if you want to know how I made my pumpkins =)


![http://www.uploadpoints.com/files001/JDfMYZTHOg/pumpkins final.jpg](http://www.uploadpoints.com/files001/JDfMYZTHOg/pumpkins final.jpg)

Ambient Occlusion for the win?

Nice PiePerson! Now maybe add a back light so the lower back end of your pumpkins aren’t so black. Make it dimmer than the main light and maybe give it a certain subtle tint :slight_smile: But this is just a tip. Keep practicing man!

Thanks :).
I think I might start on a new project. This seems to be good enough for me. What should I do next? A room?

Pick a simple object maybe. One that you can envision how you would model it and see if you can! A room can be tough cause its never done. You can always add more. But if you can do an object with a definite ending point you can really work on making it look good and have a nice finished product in the end!

Thanks for the tip.

This is a jack o’ lantern I made on halloween morning.
There are some problems with it, but I think it looks like a pretty good pumpkin.
My method was basically:

  1. start with a UV sphere
  2. flatten it out slightly along the Z-axis
  3. extrude the stem
  4. turn on multi-res and sculpt in verticle ridges

Here is another one:
![http://www.uploadpoints.com/files001/MQRZpKvAaj/soft flowers thumbnail.bmp](http://www.uploadpoints.com/files001/MQRZpKvAaj/soft flowers thumbnail.bmp)

Full Size - Low Detail (JPG): http://www.uploadpoints.com/files001/tK76Nmwc7v/soft flowers.jpg
Full Size - High Detail (BMP): http://www.uploadpoints.com/files001/S2C_PNquBt/soft flowers detail.bmp

Materials test #1: Gems and Sky.

![http://www.uploadpoints.com/files001/hwLPaAhADA/low poly cow.jpg](http://www.uploadpoints.com/files001/hwLPaAhADA/low poly cow.jpg)
A low poly cow I made today.

Wooops, didn’t mean to post here.

That’s a strange facial expression :cool:.