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wonderful !!! dynatopo you say ? how many polygons ? i did once only the portrait of mary with part of the dress, in zbrush though, and it was quite highpoly because of the folds… now you did the whole sculpture in dynatopo, i am amazed… and the modeling is great! do you plan to do a retopo, to be able to strengthen the lines of the folds? anyway, it is just great as it is, since you captured the soul of the piece.

Wow very nice work.

I love the small details, like the veins on the hand.

wonderful! I love this!

Wow, amazing work.

Wonderful job!

Very impressive what you did with Dyntopo.
Great job

Impressive! Compliments

wow this is amazing! truly excellent work!

Looks awesome!

Very well done !
Now, you have to get involved into the drapery study. Which is the more difficult under the 3d digital sculpting apps. Clean and crisp lines, almost abstract composition… Michelangelo was great on this.
How many meshes here? How dense so far?

Beautiful! Nice piece of sculpting. More and more fine sculptors appearing these days.

Well done. Very amibtious project to tackle. Keep up the good work.

STUD! Awesome work. Inspired is the right word! I’m certain my mom had the same statue in our house.

Michalis will love this - Great work!

Look up a bit, pretty sure he already said that :stuck_out_tongue:

Bellissimo, bravissimo, una meraviglia. Molto bravo, da vero.

Wonderful, Excellent, a wonderful creation. Nice work, really.

Amazing!! Wonderfull

Wow, incredible work.

:eek: … WONDERFUL!