Pig Troll retextured with RVK

So how do you like the improved texture? I used the texture baking script, and i thought it worked pretty well. His mouth is forming a W sound.

Haha, I love the character :slight_smile: Texture looks good to me. What does this baking do?

texture baking is when you set your UV coordinates, give the object a procedural texture, like clouds or distorted noise, and then ‘bake’ it onto the UV coords. the reason I used it, was because I wanted the procedural tex I was using, but it had noise in it, which looks like ant races if you animate with it. so after it was baked into an image texture, the ant races problem was solved, plus it allowed me to paint in the purple patches under the eyes. what the script actually does, is, sticks your procedural texture, then creates a new instance of your object, which using RVKs, unwraps itself into the exact same position as your UV coords, then a new camera takes a picture of the deformed mesh at frame 100, where the vertex key is. really cool stuff. jms came out with the script only recently, and Z3r0 D has a similar script which is almost finished.
<edit> oh i almost forgot,…you don’t even have to download the script,…it’s already in 2.34. just go to one of the pulldown menus in the UV window, and one of the options is texture baking.