Pigeon Toady - Animation project

Ive been learning 3D for the last 3 months via youtube and i decided to start making a portfolio of animations of sculpts of popular characters full rigged for production so that i can get used to the industries expectation when it comes to character animation. This is pigeon toady from storks, i am yet to sculpt his wings and feet but i think its coming along nicely, added the text and adjusted the contrast in photoshop, the rest is blender and blender only, I am yet to learn substance painter…i dont really like going from application to application so we will see how it goes.

let me know what you think!




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Hi Dan, you’re doing good so far I think.

The hair looks really good. Haven’t seen the movie so not sure if I’m missing a reference to it but I like the expression of his face too, haha, reminds of how people look when they’re being sarcastic.
You seem really determined to do this from what your goals are so it’s going to be really interesting comparing what you have now and what you’ll have accomplished by the end of this year. Keep it up and good luck! :slight_smile: