Glad to here your comments on this.


very nice… did you used coloured noise for the windows???

Thanks , just coloured clouds , and a lot of tweaking :wink:

looks very nice :slight_smile: is the pidgeon suposed to be the focus of this picture? if so then it needs to be bigger :slight_smile: also the stained glass doesnt look to great… i would model that if i was you… looks very good for the rest though!

Thanks for the advice, like you see I made better stained glass.
Add some things , and play a bit whit the lightening.
Glad to here your comments.

forgot to mention that I updated the image above.

I wont take you up on that offer :stuck_out_tongue:
Those windows look a million times better now though! and yes the bird is much better positioned… nice work!

There seems to be an outline of white pixels around the flying pigeon. Is it possible to tighten up your alpha mask? And maybe add a little motion blur to the pigeon to make it feel more like it’s in flight?

thanks for the replay’s ,
but how to

Is it possible to tighten up your alpha mask?

I struggling whit that , so any tip is welcome ,

@ natholas ; English is not my native language ,sorry if I made some stupid expressions :o

just a friendly note, here is location, and hear is listening :wink:
you can fix the white outline by turning on “premultiply alpha” in the texture settings.

Looks great, but I think the shadows aren’t quite long enough or sharp enough in some spots. Also, as far as the flying pigeon goes, it’s not correct from what I’ve learned about them. I’ve never seen a brown pigeon with a white head and white wings before.

@spacetug ; thanks it works,

@Ssimposible ; that pigeon is an alpha map that i made from a real photo found on the net. If you want I send it to you :wink:

If anyone could use this alpha map ,your welcome.

No thanks; I found it anyway: http://mocoloco.com/art/archives/ethridge_pigeon_nov_05.jpg