piggy bank help

am modeling a piggy bank and i will like if i can get some ideas, thanks

I would start with a reference drawing or photo, then build a simple representation out of spheres and such. Then use the retopo tool to extrude a skin over the composite object, followed by tweaking and detailing. possibly a bit of sculpting. Another option would be box modelling / subsurface modelling.

this is what i got so far - i start it with a square and i extrude it but i need to make it more round


pigb.blend (191 KB)

try smoothing it out manually by adjusting individual vertexes. also you can turn your subsurf level down, and hit ‘set smooth’ in edit buttons. If weird black stripes appear, select all vertexes, and hit Ctrl N ( recalculate normals outside )

Here’s a quick one I did by box modelling

  1. start with cube, extrude.
  2. apply subsurface at level 1 and extrude + tweak + make loop cuts
  3. make some more details


wow what a difference, thanks for the idea - btw whats the loop cup command :confused:

Loop cut is when you make a cut along a row of faces ( ctrl R + L click )