Piggy creature


he needs a hat
or some few hairs
but really good work

Nice coat .

Very unique character endi!

I think a few more wrinkles around his nose and a little more indentation around the eye socket might work well, but it’s great as is so far.

It already has the classic dreamy endi look to it :slight_smile:


Love him/her! I would be very interested in knowing how you did the coat.
A few more wrinkles couldn’t hurt.

looks very funny, with a good shader and a hat (or something like that) like [email protected]_ says, it will be perfect :slight_smile:

Wow! freaky!
I feel a bit odd looking at him!

I agree he needs a few hairs…that would really top it off :smiley:
great work!

very nice work endi,rotate a little his eyes.

Its Creepy! :o

texture made with Body Paint (that I win on 3dluvr contest)


great work on texture,are you gonna work more on those ears?

he is really nice, but the ears disturbs me. maybe some “pointed” pig ears would look nicer…

What are talking about the ears disturb you. The whole thing is very disturbing. I whinced when i saw the latest render :o^10

He looks like someone that would be really annoying to talk to. I love the clothing. Its a very unique pig…at least the most unique ive ever seen. That texture makes him look like he has high blood pressure and herpes.

You can make those small lumps yourself very easily. As long as their are enough faces in your mesh, (or subsurf and then convert to mesh to create more) then select the region you want to be made bumpy, and extrude individual faces, with subsurf on. Ta-daa!

See endi, I got your back :slight_smile: Now you have more spare time to keep on blending. Yeah!

It’s great to see that your not letting your body paint gift go to waste. Was it difficult to learn? Or is just like people making UV textures with photoshop?

is the texture symetrical because it looks like it (the pimples give it away)
i think you should add a few more and make it no symetrical at least not the pimples

[email protected]_

Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2005 10:34 pm Post subject:

he needs a hat
or some few hairs
but really good work


otherwise alot better than any of my work good stuff

that pigboy rules! i like the clothing too. very nice job as always, endi.

thanks for the replying
and a new version:

Wouah ! Maybe the sweat appears too like plastic. The modelisation is perfect !

good to see you fixed the pimples nice work with this last render