Hey guys!
Just a little something I was working on a while back, rendered in Cycles.
Hendrix/Mayall poster by the late great Rick Griffin, have no clue who made the Furthur poster, but still looking.
Floor texture by Chacalxxx at deviantART: http://chacalxxx.deviantart.com/art/Free-Floor-Wood-texture-seamless-background-3D-max-328086792
Everything else is mine.
I wish I could have done more(more samples, layers, more “stuff”), but with my PC, that was out of the question. :stuck_out_tongue: 600 samples here, one emitter plane

EDIT: Man this looks blurry on here for some reason :mad:
Here it is at deviantART, it looks right there: http://vickym72.deviantart.com/art/Pignose-384877914?ga_submit_new=10%3A1373646239



can you share the compositing node??it has really nice mood…:slight_smile:

Nice, I like it, the perspective seems some what wrong like zoomed in, other than that cool. :slight_smile:

:yes: nice work…

Very nice scene, nice mood and good subject.

@Fadli: Thank you! I didn’t really use nodes on this, just an RGB curve and vintage filter in GIMP :smiley:

@Saif Mohamd, Mojza, and Adey1981: Thanks a lot guys! :smiley:

Very nice except the leather.

I’ll certainly accept that, thank you! :smiley: