Pigs Run! -- Complete Game

Hi all! :smiley:

Here’s my really first 3D game i’m working on these days. I named it “Pigs Run!”.

Since it does not use the blender game engine, but Panda3d (although all models are actually made in blender), I didn’t really know where to post it, so i’ll post it here.


Installer download:

Source code download: (It includes .blend files)

The concept is very simple: there are some pigs running randomly in the fence and you have to right click on the one with the bell. Of course if you success, you’ll get points and the bell will change pig!

You’ll be able to use items that will help you (or will make things harder) during your catch. You can get them by clicking on the red box when it has a question mark on it.


Right Pig: 100 Points
Wrong Pig: -60 Points

Arrow up Item: Speeds up all pigs
Arrow down Itme: Speeds down all pigs
x2 Item: Doubles the points you get (but not the points you lose)

Comments are welcome!

PS: My highest score is 13000. Can you do better? :wink: