Hey all,

Been thinking about modeling this guy for quite a while, am contemplating doing some animation with him, maybe his lightning power attack or something cool. Anywayz… what you think?

Matt :wink:


Interesting, but it DEFINATLY needs:

[1] Better material settings. I’ve never seen a Pikachu with speularity, you? :wink:
[2] Better lighting
[3] Make it more “organical”, try SubSurf

I agree with valarking, definitley get rid of the specularity and also improve the lighting. Try surreal’s fake GI method, (posted here somewhere). I would also recommend the sub-surf, although more poly’s may make it harder to animate.

Also, brighten up the yellow on the material setting for the skin colour. Seems very dull. Other than that,it is a perfect model.


/me agrees.

You can also try toon shading, most appropriate here :wink: