Pikmin Picture

Here’s a little pic i made, featuring pikmin, I think im almost done, but still unsatisfied


I want to make the water less glass like, and do something better with the sky, but im not sure what. Anyway i’d like to know if you guys have any sugestions

these guys are very cute :wink:

the water, hum make it ransparent, the catch is you need an underwater environement. :-?

the sky: maybe you add some brown to create the illusion of a trunk or put a picture of a waterside as the background pic.

some other things i noticed:
you can see the edges on some blades of grass and on the watersurface.
looks like the bottlematerial depth for the refraction is to low. normaly you should be able to look through it but in the pic you can only look inside it.
the cherry material looks a bit odd.

Everything seems to be modelled well and the lighting is good. But the water has way too much reflection and it doesn’t have a reflection of the sky.

Also, I think you should use a photo of a garden for the background, then blur it so it fits in more.

You’ve done a good job on the Pikmin, keep it up. :wink:

when doing water, i use this texture just for bump mapping

(no colour), and i have been ale to produce some nice effects,


the pikmin are done really well !!


I’ve never played pikman but I do know how they should look, and you did a good job with that.

Thanks for the advice everyone, and the water texture from nerdyneo

Nice work man!
It’s nice to see some one with such interest in Pikmin, like me :wink:

Definitly add a background and fix the “matalic” water (cool, but not for Pikmin), make it clear with a surface on the bottom like the game (like

Otherwise, the only problem I have with it is, where is the Purple Pikmin?!;)[/u]

The Pikmin are easily recognizeable and bear no obvious flaws.
The Water needs to be a LOT less reflective (water is only reflective in the specular area), it shouldn’t just be transparent but also diffuse. Try giving it a greenish tone and maybe use fog if you don’t want to model a detailled underwater environment.
The bottle also needs to be more transparent.
Maybe a few drops of splashwater on the objects near the water surface to show that the objects actually move a little.
And, as said before, you need a blue sky to contrast the green everywhere else on the pic.

that looks cool. i played through the first pikmin and have been waiting for the second ones since the announcement.
maybe you could model one the spaceships in the background to fill up more of the sky. overall it’s a very nice pic.

ps. those white pikmin have always looked creepy since i first saw them.

I like the picture alot, it has a nice feel, the only thing is that I think that the water is a bit too reflective… maybe it should be a little less and indeed like stated earlier a bit transparent…

I’ve never played pikman but I do know how they should look, and you did a good job with that.

Kansas, does anything else than postcounts actually count for you ?? You only reply about the most basic things wich you seen immediately, or just repeat what somebody else said in other words…