Pile of flour

Ok here is one i have been working on for a week trying to finda technique to make a descent pile of flour… Have tried bump maps, displacement maps, and particles… All giving mediocre results…

I think it’s time i get an opinion on what you may think is a good approach that could put me in the direction of what i’m trying to make.

Any suggestions on techniques i should use?

Oh and i am looking for high detail, i have a scene where i am zoomed in on ingredients to make a cake… don’t ask, it just is :wink: now if i could just ge my pile of flour i would be happy camper :)))


There are a couple of materials at blender-materials.org that may be of some use. I haven’t used them but they may be worth a look.


Do a search on ‘sugar’.

Do you have a reference image that comes close to what you want to achieve? It might help in trying to make suggestions.

This may help - no guarantees though


Looks like that chap used SSS to obtain better lighting effect…

Here is my reference image

I have managed to kind of achieve something using particles and cube as object for each particle. Only issue i can’t get the particles to “pile up” which is probably logical as i doubt that is possible with the particles engine.

Also just played with physics engine, but this is too load intensive.

here is a reference:

Figured make the base mound from a mesh… then bumpmap and displace the mound… Then sprinkle some particles on it …

This is the scene i want it in:

Here is a pile of particles that could look like flour.


bug.blend (376 KB)