Pill Monster (Quadruped)

Don’t ask about the name; before getting to this point, it looked like a pill.

So here’s some renders and screen shots.

He looks like something off of Digimon :slight_smile:

Another view

From behind

He’s got two fingers

And cloven hooves

I tried test rigging him, though I suck at rigging, but I tried :slight_smile:


Another view

Messing with shape keys, which I’ve never done before in blender, nor did I know blender had that feature.

If there’s a particular expression you’d like to see, let me know :smiley:

No seriously, please let me know :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That is such a cute little creature that I am sure will take off! Brilliant work!

As for expressions, I think it ought to always look friendly.

Glad you like it :slight_smile:

He’ll always be friendly. He doesn’t like inflicting pain too much.

On a note, the wings aren’t connected, and neither are the eyes :open_mouth:

hahaha that looks epic :), texture him and animate him flying into a window or glass door :).

I needed a good laugh :smiley:

I don’t know how, but somehow I’ll paint him in ZBrush, and then back to Blender. As for animation, I’ve never really animated a rigged character, but I could give it a go :slight_smile:

It’ll be a glass door lol, if I can!

I’ll update again tomorrow, when I have some more expressions. But not Thursday… because… I start school Thursday :frowning:




;o; WHY?!?!

because you don’t want to turn out like some of these people :)? www.notalwaysright.com heh anyways I’m watching the thread so we’ll see how it turns out. What grade and what not are you going into anyways, if you don’t mind my asking

I don’t mind :slight_smile:

I’m going to be a Senior in High School (yay), so I guess that’s something to be proud about. I just pray to God the bus isn’t full on the second day, because all freshmen go tomorrow, then everybody else the next day. I like the front left seat, right behind the driver, nice and roomy :slight_smile:
I just don’t want anybody taking ‘my’ seat, it’s been ‘mine’ for the past four years lol.

I hope for a good year :RocknRoll:

ha, see that’s where you have to be a loser and tip the bus driver to reserve your seat haha :). I’m just going into highschool, but it’s up in Canada so it’s a little different than the US, which I’m going to assume is where you are. I also start somewhere at the beginning of september

Lucky duck (who says that?)! I’m in the US, yes, but I didn’t know you guys could start so much later than us. Ah, the summer days are gone :frowning:

I cry now ;_;

we start summer break later though, my summer has kind of sucked though. Half of it was taken up with summer school gym (hell) and now it’s just too hot. I can’t turn my ps3 on because it adds heat to the room :), but I did write a game engine so it’s not a complete failure. I’m working on thinking about making a renderer (I don’t want to deal with image formats >_<)

Blender is pretty much the only thing I have any experience in. I don’t know python, or C++, etc., or scripting lol.

Unfortunately, the laptop which had ALL of my .blend files decided to crash on us yesterday :frowning:

It’s being fixed, and hopefully they’ll be there and not be corrupt. Then, I will learn to save them to an external HD or something like that, because now I can’t blend ;_;

awww that sucks, on the plus side I wrote my renderer… I’m currently making it better…