Pillbox (foil/plastic attempt)

Just thought I would post this for any possible feedback on it. I’m very new both to Blender, had it for 3 months, and polygon modelling as well since my only previous 3D experiences has been building with primitives in Bryce. This is my very first attempt at doing something more-or-less photorealistic, not that it necessarily came out that way.

I wanted to learn more about how materials work in Blender, so I decided to have a go at the type of foil/plastic pill wrap thingies that medicine often comes in. Just for fun I slapped my own company logo and some goofy text (in Swedish unfortunately) on the box instead of some other brand. Anyway the foil and plastic material is really the focus of this little exercise, so any Comments and/or Criticism is very welcome! The image, rendered in YafRay:


There ARE a couple things I know myself I could have improved, or that looks “wrong”, but I won’t list them right now as I’m curious about other peoples first reactions. The boring white background is intentional as I wanted it “product photo style”.

The pills are really “Digital” looking, they need more texture, even the plastic coated pills have a litle more texture than that. The inside of the box needs a little grain. the outside box looks a little to perfect.

I love the plastic around the pills through, grat job. overall great render just needs some minor work.


Good effort:) Move the capsules so they are not perfectly in line, that may help the realism.

I agree. And flip a few of them over. I doubt that all pills in a box come in the same way!

Nice work!

Hey thanks guys! I really appreciate the input. Never even thought to texture the pills since in my mind I just thought: shiny plastic. But when I think about it yes there’s usually always a grainyness to them, I seem to recall they’re usually also slightly transparent and showing some of the powder contents. I think they could also use a slight bit more reflection.

The inside of the box I had overlooked as well, but yeah, I’ll try to make it a bit more paperish. The front cover does look a bit too perfect, this is one of my own hangups as well. I tried to give it some reflection for the plastic-coated look, but it doesn’t work so well when the colour is white I don’t think. I’m guessing fixing up the box outside will have to be more of a texture improving thing though rather than fiddling with Blender settings. Any tips as far as this goes? I thought maybe down on the orange part I could add a little white to give the impression of a bumped/scratched up corner since that usually happens to paper boxes like that.

Thanks also for the tip of jiggling the pills around a bit, I did rotate them all in slightly different angles, but from where the camera is they still certainly do look oddly aligned. Will try to fix this as well. Another thing is the shiny foil part inside the bubbles under the pills is supposed to be smooth (where it’s thin). I got this part right on the popped one, but for all the others I overlooked it and they all use the same gridded texture as outside the bubble.

Technically I should probably also add some sort of extruded letters or numbers in the corner of the plastic sheets, but I feel my modelling skills aren’t quite there yet so I’ll leave it simple and smooth for now. I’ll post an update whenever I get around to making the changes. :slight_smile:

OK, I made the changes, but unfortunately not too well at all. Added grain to mostly everything that didn’t have any, rendered, it was way too grainy. So, I estimated how much I’d have to lower the grain (on box & pills) for it to look right, upped the settings, and left the computer after starting the final render. A couple hours later, I returned to find I had smoothed the grain too much and the result was not all too much different from the first image. As I’m now very sick of both the rendertimes for the plastic/metal combo as well as fiddling with the same settings over and over, I’m taking a break from this and leaving it as it is. :stuck_out_tongue:

I at least moved the pills off from the center lines a bit, as well as fixed the foil texture to be smooth under the “bubbles”. I totally forgot about Litterates suggestion about flipping them over. Thanks still though, it would have made it look a lot better! Anyway, final render:


:slight_smile: nice work… besides the turning of the pills… that makes it more reall… i think you should make the plastic… more… more… not so flat… and the plastic “capsules” a little bit more “crash” :slight_smile: it seems like they are over pressure :slight_smile:

maybe remove a few of the pills sout the pack all together?..so the packs had a bit of use.

“As I’m now very sick of both the rendertimes for the plastic/metal combo as well as fiddling with the same settings over and over, I’m taking a break from this and leaving it as it is. :P”
I know how you feel:P

The plastic over the capsules is essentially non-visible. There’s no specularity to define any sort of surface boundary.

The lighting is so monotonous and so intense – almost to the point of over-exposure – that it begs for variety. Put in some other lights and vary their colors.

Ditto on that!:slight_smile:

Cool image. I like the pills