Pills(hdr+yafray) (moved to focused critique forum)

not to much to say really. comments and critiques -only- save everything else for Finished Projects.


P.S. how do i get rid of those clouds ?

1)There’s something wrong with your post or your host, the image won’t display. [edit]disregard this.[/edit]
2)What clouds?
3)Kick up the anti-aliasing
4)Try replacing the red with white, might give it a nice clinical look instead of the tired sci-fi look.
5)The tiles need seams and the gray stuff inbetween, whatever it’s called. To illustrate:

Your tile seam:
__  __

Better tile seam (# represents mortar/cement/gray stuff):
__     __

To illustrate further.

well, i don’t really have a title…its just what image shack does to the image. if you click the current thumbnail you will see a bigger image actually…so ya. but since you did mention having a title i may have to add one…:]

are you using the st peters probe?

grout. stuff between tiles is usually called grout, and it could use some :wink:

antialiasing for sure!

if you cannot get rid of the “clouds” try using the uffizi probe instead of st peters and see if that helps?

Hi nehpets,

from the 2.37a release log /yafray update:

  • When using HDR backgrounds for lighting (‘SkyDome’ of ‘Full’ GI methods), it is currently not always possible to get smooth lighting results. Especially HDR images with small lightsource can be very noisy, because currently yafray still relies on brute force random sampling.
    As a temporary simple solution (better options will be available in the ‘next generation’ yafray), yafray can do some processing on the image to smooth out all (or most) noise.
    Besides smooth lighting, this also has the advantage that AA will have less work to do, GI quality can be set to the lowest level and still get reasonably good results. Disadvantage however is that shadow definition is lost. To switch on this option, set the world image texture filter parameter to any value greater than 1.0.
    When ‘filter’ is 1.0 or less, normal hdr sampling is done as before.

I´ve tested it with th st peters probe, works very well ;).

Bye, Olaf.

ha, well i feel dumb about the whole tile thing ! but yeah…i will fix that little problem.

and thang you olaf for that little bit of info…that should help

[edit] im using the kitchen probe(looks most like a laboratory)[/edit]

Hi nehpets, here are some issues i noticed

-tiles seem to be too glossy, as if they are laquered. If they were white it would make sense for a porcelein material, but not for a rock colored one.
-tiles could really use a bump map to add some more realism
-DoF blurring would also add realism
-Pills are too large in comparison to the scene, at least in my kitchen a Dayquil is only slightly wider than a strip of grout. your pills currently seem to be the size of a small battery :o
-A uv-mapped pharmaceutical brand name on the side of the pill would help again with realism

  • The pills material seems to be too glass-like. I would imagine the specular needs to be bigger and softer.
    -the ends of the pills seem more blunt than a typical one. But I suppose it’s possible, just typical pill designs are either more slender to compensate for blunt ends or or more elliptycal at the tips if it’s wide in the center.
    -I think the composition would be better if you kept the pills as they are now, but rotated the floor so the grout doesn’t separte it into quadrants.

Phew, i’m all out. If that’s not a useful post than I don’t know what is!!

I’m seeing aliasing problems in the highlights all over the image, although that’s more of a render quality settings issue that I would assume will be taken care of in the final renders.

Also, as someone else mentioned, the pills appear to be made of highly polished crystal. They also appear to be filled with mineral oil, which I find unnatural… It’s hard to give a good crit on the materials, though, when you haven’t told us what you’re shooting for.

well…i’ve been workin hard on this scene…i’ve applied some of the changes differen’t people have recomended…and others i’ve yet to do.

but anyway…i know the bottle looks a little -to- reflecive. but ill fix that later(render times are looooong)

anyways here’s the pic:


another update:


Some quality DoF wouldn’t hurt. But I guess that’ll take some extra time rendering. :wink:

Simple but nice work BTW.

very nice… but you need alot more AA on to get that DOF looking good

yeah, like sago said…render times are a pain. i promise the final render will look nicer ;]

looking good, but i think it might look better if the camera was focused on the foremost pills and everything else behind was effected by DoF

I agree with sirwebster on the DoF suggestion. Also, I would like to say that the composition and proportions are much nicer than before :slight_smile:

Everything (except the glass) still has too much reflection. And I think pills would be more realistic either being transparent or being plastic.

Can’t wait to see a long-rendertime version of it :slight_smile:

You take the blue pill, the story ends, you awake in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes…

…wait a second

haha, i wondered how long it would take someone to say that ! you get the prize ! a shiny dot ! . anyways…

anyone know how to make a more realistic pill bottle material ? im totally lost…and after 2(yes 2 ) days of expirimenting…i can’t seem to find that “magical setting” that makes my material look like a slightly opaque plastic bottle…

well, i think i figured out the bottle material…here’s a render with a little more time on it(half an hour) so anyways…here ya go !


With that dof… it seems like the glass have no function in the picture… to mee it’s just a disturbing object right now. I would like to keep it clean with just the tube and the pills.

Then I think that it would be cool if the pill-tube was half-full with pills. Right now, it’s empty!

I disagree with this.
With your previous render there was a good distinction between foreground, background and everything in the middle (the sharpest part). The newest render is missing this.

Still good stuff though. %|