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I have been sick for the past couple of days… This is some of my medication:


Don’t bother to comment about too much motion blur - it’s supposed to look dizzy.

(Dittohead) #2

sur realism, i like it. 8)

hrm… what kinda of sickness?

i went to the hospital today. as some of you know i broke my leg(bad) 3 months ago. well to day i was walking and was pushed forward and all my weight came down on my bad leg’s foot, i heard something pop, i thought i broke the bone in my foot. but i just sprained it real bad. anyway i hope you get better. :frowning: :frowning:

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I have bronchitus, if that is spelled right.

(Ecks) #4

That remind me of a part of a song I really like called “The Decline”. its a song from the band NOFX

a part say:

“One more pill to kill the pain…”
“…One more prayer should keep me safe…”


nice work!

(VelikM) #5

You’ve got that crude to? :frowning: cough, cough, cough… I went to the emergency room last friday night when it got to the point, I couldn’t breath. They started me on Doxycycline, little light orange pills. I totally relate to the motion blur.
I wonder if the government is experimenting on the population again, trying biological wepons, to save the terrorists the trouble, it’s ok for the government to do it but woe be anyone else that does it. Whats the first thing that the government says when their experiment has negative side effects and they get caught? WE DIDN’T THINK we’d get caught.
Sorry this cough cough cough is getting really old. :wink:

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Yeah, this stuff sucks. I don’t care what the government is testing on me as long as they get me the cure.

I listen to NOFX, too. I never thought about the lyrics, though; it’s just some great old-school punk rock.

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I thought you have vision problems :smiley: