Pilot G4 Pens, First Cycles Scene

Hi all,

I got into back into Blender after a long time off.

This is my first real attempt in cycles after also learning seriously about topology.
I still need to add textures to the pens like finger prints and labels and to model the caps with the textures.
Please try to give me serious critique, with explanations if you have (but don’t go hard on me, I’m sensitive :o).

I hope to have a nice time in this forum as i remembered it used to be few years ago.
Have a nice day.

That looks very nice! Can you post some wire frames?

The modeling looks spot on. I’m guessing you’re going to change the background?

looks realy good. only the tip of the pen in front looks a little blury.

floor material please? i love the blur in the reflection, its not just a simple glossy is it?

Thank you.
Here is a very high resolution image together with the requested wire.
Added textures to the cap(labels and just a bit of finger prints).
Added the bump logo on the pen body.
Not really sure about the logo on the body.

Actually it is…

i like the second picture.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Nice Job :slight_smile:

Model+render looks fantastic. Great work.