(rixtr66) #1

i was browsing through some old renders and came across some
fighters i made a while back.so im trying to make a cyborg type
alien pilot,ill probably use dirty textures in the final though.

i dont usually do characters,so its about time i give it a shot!
the backdrop is a render of the fighters.
how am i doin so far?


(blengine) #2

wow thats awesome! i really love his eyes! and the pic u have in the bg is incredible, great style and glad to hear your gonna try some characters, cant wait to see more, see ya

(BgDM) #3

404: Forbidden :-?

What the…

Edit: OK, the old copy and paste routine :wink: . Looks great. Love the flow of the helmet. Geta body on the thing.


(digitalSlav) #4

nice stylin :smiley: i love the ship in the background and all the effects. love the helmet as well… keep it comin