Do you like Music? Do you like Battles? Intergalactical Music Pilot Squad needs YOU!

Modeled entirely in Blender, head was sculpted in ZBrush, rendered in Vray.
Design inspired by: Range Murata, Vitalii Bulgarov, Robocop and some others.

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Beautiful beautiful work. I love the choice of so many contrasting materials. Leather, metal, wool etc. Great job.

Nice work, the texturing and shading is just awesome !!!

the fabric textures are pretty impressive. very creative idea, too.

wow, that renders are very cool!

nice work (y)

Me again, I just somehow love the idea of an alien in a turtle neck.
That they would adapt that elemnt of our clothing, or invent something so similar is nicely whimsical.
Very impressive.

@Wegg, Thanks a lot!

@Norrolith, yep! Enough of uncomfortable clothes for hobo-robots and aliens! Give them something warm and comfy!

I just discovered you on artstation! love those works!

Really impressed by the fur on the neck and overall design 8)


I must comment on the fur on the neck as well. Awesome detail. Nice artwork

Holy crap, that is awesome!
Great materials - I love the turtleneck especially. I want to touch it. I want to own it. I want it in my life. (How’d you make it?)
Gorgeous headphone design. I like that the side adjusters have that crosshatched grip texture. Makes me want to turn them.
Everything is very tactile and multi-sensory.

Congrats on the top row! Well deserved.
Not much to add to my comment from your WiP thread … amazing piece on all accounts.

Next one please!

This is very funny yet so realistic I expect to see it as a character on a tv series someday

top notch work. I hate you for being so good. Im jealous of your surfacing and material. Much to learn from this piece. Added to inspirational. Fantastic work. Holy #*@&! Keep it up! Im coming for you.

Could you tell us a little bit about the lighting-rig and/or -setup you used?

the materials are outstanding! not so fond of the alien face, but the idea for the image is neat.

wow, amazing renders, and very well executed. especially the fabrics. all those green military turtlenecks and leather gives the feeling that this alien dude was a pilot in a worldwar2 bomber airplane listening to tunes. and I guess that’s the feeling you want to achieve so well done!

I rarely post on BA but had to do this for this one; awesome modelling and materials! Love it, congrats!

OMG this is so sweet