Pimp the Gimp for 3D


i wrote down my complete way optimizing Gimp for 3D and texture painting on Ubuntu Linux:

I’m still looking for some plugins, if you know where to grab them as deb or rpm let me know.

Nice article, but I have question, both resynthesizer and texturize can be used to create more texture, which one is better at that? I don’t think I need extra features of resynthesizer.

Hello Jurgen,

Resythesize and Texturize works in different ways, texturize helps you creating from a small piece a big texture. Resythesize creates a variation of the given texture.
So both are usefull.

did you ever get blender verse and gimp working together?

I would really like to know how to set that all up for textureing my models :smiley:

As i wrote in my article i didn’t get Verse running because there is no compiled plugin on Linux (for windows one is available). It seems you need a special Blender build too.

Biggest problem with Gimp is that it does not support 16 bit images. 16 bit images are essential for good displacement. Beside that it is a great program.

May that will changed. The Gimp Dev has now 1/2 year development cycles and it could be that with 2.6 (which will released in a 1/ year) 16bit support and CMYK is available. If not we will get it in a year.