Pin and threads

Pin and Threads
Made with yafray
C&C Welcome!

Hmmm, maybe the needle needs some more work, it looks a bit too thick. But the thread on its rolls looks gorgeous.

I think the scene needs a bit more light.
Also this scene could benefit from HDRI lighting, hvae you considered trying that? That would require use of yafray though.

how much was done with texturing? thread? spools? Would you be willing to share your settings?

The needle and coarse thread looks like something an oldtime sailmaker might have used.

mhkhmmm… I used yafray. Didn’t you read the whole post? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well there was mostly only texturing :smiley:
modelling took me about 10 minutes or so (Dont say that this is slow, I work at my own pace.)
And what do you mean share my settings. Whats there to share :slight_smile:

No I didn’t. :slight_smile:
But that doesn’t change my desire for more light.

i think the scean to dark, but the string/tread it SWEET!!!:smiley:

I am still learning (from anyone who has patience to teach). I would love to know how you made the thread look “thready”, or was it modelled in?

The reason he probably asked is because it isn’t very obvious you used yafray. The scene looks no different than if you were using the internal renderer. Right now the scene is just too dark and the lighting is unrealistic. It would benefit from either HDRI or more lights and possibly some AO.

The key to good lighting is trying to imagine what real world light sources would do and how to recreate them in your scene.

But, from what I can tell, the texturing doesn’t look too bad. Keep it up.

I’m with hippie on this one… need more light.

But I think the textures are fabulous…

As with others before me, THIS IS TOO DARK. add some more lights. Currently, it’s hard to seen any details


Well, due to popular request, I added a little more light.
YafRay, 5 OSA, AO - Random Sampling.:rolleyes:

Looks much better, the texturing work is really good.

You still could try HDRI rendering out of this one, you can find lots of free HDRI probes just by googling.

I agree with the HDRI lighting. It will add subtle light variations in the scene and improve the way the models are seen. Here are some links for HDR images: The materials do look a bit too blury in my opinion, especially the thread itself. You could also change the angle at which the needle is stuck in it. It looks too straight and unatural. Great job so far :wink: Slep

Ok, I will share the place I found a bit of a horde of HDRI’s :wink: Here are some great links to free HDRI websites. Great image btw! Yes, the needle certainly could look pointier.