Pin-button add-on

Hi everybody,

I was using Edge Animate the other day and thought that the pin button on its timeline was quite handy.
Let’s say you want to move an object from frame 10 to 20. You have to create a keyframe on 10 and an other one on 20, right ?

To go a bit faster, you pin your object on frame 10. Move your object on frame 20. Unpin.

Nothing extraordinary but I like to use it. The script is here

Why not just turn on the auto keyframe button?

Because auto keyframe adds a keyframe only when a value has been modified.
The pin button adds a relevant keyframe where you want the animation to begin and where you want it to end.

I have the feeling that something similar already exists by default in Blender, I just couldn’t find it.

What I liked about the adobe version is the ability to assign the ‘pin’ or future keyframe (perhaps to a marker?) but animate on the current first frame. This allows you to move stuff relative to its own position or other items. I do this for motion graphics work alot but am always annoyed that I have to move to the later time to create a keyframe.

i guess it’s like having the dope sheet open and dragging keyframes around?

Yep, I understand…
As I said, this button differs only from the auto-feyframe in the fact that it creates the first keyframe when you activate it. So you don’t need to do it manually.
For a visual comfort I added markers. I don’t know if it’s better this way ?

can you drag this new marker and link it to the pinned keyframe so that it can be moved ahead or behind?

Here’s how it looks with the markers :

The pin-out marker follows the current frame green line until it’s unpinned.

ha ha, Nikos_ and 3pointEdit are becoming a tag team. This can only mean one thing, awesome!!!

Hmmm, maybe I have the wrong use case. I turn on autokeyframe (red button) select item press G and enter. 1st Keyframe made. Drag green line to later and alter object, 2nd keyframe made.

What would be neat is to make a 1st keyframe and then make a 2nd ‘PROXY’ keyframe without moving, then drag it’s marker to later in the timeline, all without moving the green line. The current object would (appear to) snap back to its position from the first keyframe.

Alright, so if I understand your point :
1- pin : creates 2 sets of keyframes (in & out)
2- you alter the object as you wish
3- you can move the ‘unpin’ marker independantly from the green bar
4- unpin : the two markers are removed

I could change the green bar color during the pinning, if it helps.

Yes so the first pinned KF is original state, then you modify it for second KF and drag the marker away.

Yes. But its just a suggestion.