Pin Toy (Update with better model)

Edit: I decided to make a more complete model after finding my real pin toy yesterday. The new model is setup with a grid of 32 by 20 pins, so the aspect ratio should match 640x480 video. Since I could not get the Displacement modifier to update automatically, I used Charlie’s trick of adding a wave modifier with no settings. This should allow you to use a video clip to animate the pins. Here is the new model:

And the new Blend:
PinToy2.blend (197 KB)

While looking over the 3D world mag with BBB on the cover, I noticed a rather long tutorial on creating a pin toy in Max. I thought to myself I should be able to do that in Blender with a simply displacement modifier and dupiverts and so I did. Here is the result:

If anyone wants to play with this here is the Blend:
pintoy.blend (214 KB)

… lol. And one more point scored for Blender. Thanks dude - I will download the *.blend.

Thanks for posting, I had a lot of fun at work today by using images of my work mates…

One question, does anybody know how I can force the displacement modifier to update between frames if I use a video as a texture?

@Chailie: Glad you had fun with this. I don’t know why the displacement wont update with a video clip. I swear I had this working before. I will try to figure it out and post later.

Now that’s pretty cool and so simple to do.

Thanks DichotomyMatt…I think I managed to work around the problem by adding a wave modifier and disabling the render and preview options. I wonder if the wave modifier is calling an update function that the displace modifier doesn’t!!

Is this a bug?

Added a new Blend with a better model and Charlies fix for animating the pins.

@Charlie: I never could get the displacement modifier to work on its own. Your workaround of using a wave modifier in the same stack works perfectly. I don’t know if the displacement modifier not updating is a Bug or just something I don’t understand.

Thanks for the new model. I was going to add the case screws but you beat me to it.

Running video through this is very cool.

I think I’ll post a bug report about the displace modifier.

@Charilie: Glad you like the new model. If you get a chance post a video clip of this thing. I haven’t had time to setup a render any decent clips yet.

@DichotomyMatt: I’m afraid I haven’t got anything remotely good enough to post at the moment. :frowning: I have posted a bug report about the displacement modifier with a credit and link back to this thread.

Great model! They had one of these at my local Science Center that was large enough for about three people to stand side by side and get full body prints.

I hope you don’t mind but I rendered this in Lux 0.5 using a different studio scene.

PhilBo, it looks great in Lux. I don’t mind at all. I posted these for anyone to use. You should grab the newer model I posted, it has the support bolts and follows the rectangular shape that most of these things have.

Here’s another one. The setup for this is awesome as it quickly allows for quick changes in the pressed image.

Thanks for the updated model.

Cool one PhilBo. I am glad it is easy to understand. I myself am surprised how easy Blender made this. Just a few mouse clicks to add the texture, displacement, and dupliverts.

I see Lux is working out well. I have got to find time to get to know it better.

The bug with the displacement and animated textures has been fixed. Thanks to the dev who sorted it. :wink:

Great news Charlie. Thanks for posting the bug report. Now, I will have to find a decent video clip to render with this.

I’m working on a video version tonight. Lux will be too slow to do an animation with my network. I’m working on which renderer to use and should be able to post back the animation this weekend.