pinball background art (update 10.4 !!)

work in progress, background art for pinball game.

version 2:

version 3:

newest version (gray effect):

newest version (colorfull effect):


Looking good!

My only crit is that the flippers seem to be too high IMO. Maybe make them about 3/4 the height that they currently are at.

Just needs some nice chrome ramps and this will look really cool!



I’m not sure I like the DoF or whatever effct. Looks like you have blurred the sides of the image, but not with a depth criterion… mmm… I’m not sure I’m expressing correctly…


the floor is perhaps a little low… I have to check it out. the perspective I use it a bit hard… so … dont know. it just looks like that… but you are right, make walls and pads in front look very high.

about the dof… I know. there is no dof :slight_smile:
and the one I created here, is a quick paintshoppro blur, and I hate paint shop pro, but I was at work when I rendered that, and on that machine, there was no gimp :slight_smile: I’m gonna put a real (circle-path trick) dof in the final rendering.

and chrome ramps… yes. I think that will look better. I change that stupid semitransparent green thing to that.



the effect at the end of the ball needs to be changed to a different color - it blends in with the floor and covers the ball - the yellow bumpers effects are a little over done compared to the other two bumpers as well

everything else was stated before

great work - now i just need to get a new nix machine to play your wonderful games :wink:

it might just be me, but it seems like the ball would get stuck between the flippers if the buttons weren’t pressed, but, then again, who am i to criticize work? have you seen my craptacular lamp? i rest my case…

ok, updates are done…

  • changed the ramp to a different style (thanks bgdm)
  • arranged objects in the table
  • fixed the yellow tower light effect
  • adjusted ball burst-effect
  • “real” dof

I also experiented with fade-to-gray-towards-the-edges-effect… dunno about that yet… I think I like it more colorfull. what do you think, there are two versions to see…


Ohhh :slight_smile:

nice sparkles!

Like the newest a lot


I like the more colorful edges, too. Also, it might just be our viewing angle vis a vis Tux, or maybe the bumped that visually between his legs, but he’s looking kind of… crotchtacular. I don’t know if there’s anything you can do about it. I don’t know. I just generally try to avoid highlighting character’s crotches. Oh well.

Looks excellent overall.

nice! looks really fun and… well… fun and awesome!

indeed, tux is a little “crotchtacular” as harkyman so delicatley put it, but i diddnt notice till that post, so it might not be such a big deal.

If I can only get one person to notice a crotch, my life will be complete. :stuck_out_tongue: Or, as my friends put it: “You always go right for the crotch, don’t you?” Then shake their heads.

i cant spot his penis…is tux female? :stuck_out_tongue:

kick ass bg art, though!! good job!

“crotchtacular” ?? oh man, you guys have to get out more… that’s tux, it doesn’t matter of I would show full frontal nudity of that dude… you wouldn’t still see anything.

anyways, I’m glad you like it, here’s the game where it ends up being in:

I just have to render final 1024x768 version, and make the final gimptricks and that’s it. (I try to fade the crotch-department too)

thanks for crits and comments. you are always helpfull!


thousand points for hitting Tux’s crutch area! ding ding ding

really nice pics basse!


Greatly improved basse! The ramp is much better looking than the original.

Good work all around.