Pinball Game update...

Here’s an updated version of the pinball game I’m working on. Please, if you try it, give me some feed back! Thanks all!

,Jared C. Matthews

well?.. where do i download the game?

hehehe… here’s the file! :wink:


Why did you start a new thread? That makes no sense…and is against etiquette.

Not much changes though. Whe I die 3 times, it says ‘Game Over’,but what do I do when I want to play again? Restart the executable?

It’s a waste of downloading it when you make such few changes.

P.S.: another suggestion (with my previous ones still counting): add some audio, like the pinball hitting metal. It desperately needs some sound.

Nevertheless: keep up the work!!


maybe a Linux (or other OS) version

And even better the .B file