Pinball Project: Working Demo...

Hello all,

 I have been working for a few days on a pinball game made in Blender. After my last posting "Some Disappointments," I have decided to use the game engine from v. 2.25. Here is a sample of the project so far:

Enjoy and Happy Blendering!

Nice start. I like how your textures are done. One thing I would not include in a game like this is the moving camera. It looks cool but it greatly decreases the playability. Keep up the good work.

Could I please get some feedback? Thanks!


I don’t have a Windows, so I can’t see it.

Oke here is some feedback:

1.The spinning thing behind the pinball area is making me crazy! just a normal background please!
2.Subsurf the ball
3.expand the pinball area
4.Add a score feature
5. Come on texture it well not every where the same textures
6. Improve the flippers

Well that’s about it for now.

There is your feedback


Heh, I don’t have Windows either but Wine actually ran the little bugger. I agree with the comment made about the moving background and moving camera. Not being able to see the entire pinball area is…not good.

Really nice start though. Keep it up.

Matthewsjc1, I will assume you are using Blender on Windows?

Before continuing with your game, I suggest you have a look at the Windows ‘Pinball’ game and see how such a game actually could/should look.

Secondly, I suggest to use Blender version 2.34. It’s I think the best Game Engine version.

Extra suggestions would be to incorporate in your game:

The pinball: use ‘rigid body’ for more realistic ball effect. (Actor/Dynamic/Rigid Body)(Not in Blender 2.25)

The camera: use a camera with fixed position further away from the field, but you can have it tracking the pinball for more dynamic effect. (In logic bricks, use ‘Track to’) So don’t parent the camera to the ball.

The field: add a ‘plunger’ so you can shoot the ball into the field like in real pinball machines.

Nice start!