Pinching Problem on Hard Surface Model

Hi guys,

I’m new to hard surface modeling, so I hope someone more experienced can help me out. I am modeling a helmet and I’m trying to get a tight edge around part of the eye hole. Adding a bevel weight on the desired edge results in a pinching effect of the front faces.

I am using a bevel modifier with Limit Method set to Weight, followed by a subsurf modifier set at a subdivision of 2. I know I can limit the curvature of the subsurf mod using a loop cut, but I would like to avoid adding extra geometry unless necessary.


if you are going to render the thing in cycles you can try using bevel node in the material nodes instead of the bevel modifier. You can’t see it in the solid mode or lookdev though.

here is a video on pinching

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Okay, cool. I didn’t know there was such a thing! I’ll give it a shot. Thanks!

I’ve watched this video several times before :joy: but it didn’t really help in my particular case. Thanks for your response though! I appreciate the help.

maybe share the part of your object where the problem happens so that we can see how to solve it

add another bevel modifier and use vertex group as method and give it different settings.

That worked perfectly! Thanks! I never would have thought to try that.