Pine/fern forest

Made a forest scene in Blender. Trees using MTree, rendered in Eevee. Any comments and criticisms welcome. [Updated lighting, tried to fix the marshy areas, added glare in composite]
warm lighting:

different lighting:

Clay render:


I think some grass which can be easily made using hair particle systems and I’m not sure whats happening in the middle screen with that yellow area but the scene is natalgic to me looks like something from my earlier years playing on ps2 and xbox 360

This really feels like a forest. Good job placing the trees and plants and fog.
I really personally like this style.
You need to fix the yellow thing though. It has sharp edges and what is that?

Thanks @Myst_76 , @Boder . That yellowish part is actually an attempt to create a watery/wet surface (swamp like) but doesn’t look right. I will try to fix it and repost. I will add grass as well. Thanks for the feedback.

I think the old ps2 look is partly due to the low subdivision and lowres textures, mainly because my laptop can’t handle much :slight_smile:

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You could definitely use some more geometry. Don’t be scared of a few extra polygons. Give your trees and branches more twists and knots to make it look more realistic.

much better angle and good fix of the wet surface looks much better and I like ps2 graphics lol wasn’t meant to be a insult if It came off that way

Yes I got it when u said nostalgic. Thanks for your inputs.

Great update. Good job on evolving the scene. My next suggestion is that I think some of the trunks are a little narrow. I think the new one is better is most all ways except the first one had some good clumping/spacing in the trees, whereas the new one seems to have more trees and they look just the tiniest bit lined up (like an orchard).

awesome observation on the clumping part. will fix that. I did the narrow trunks as a quick way to get variety. May need to rethink it. Btw, this is part of a short animated film that I am working on. I would better put further updates on a WIP thread. Will invite you all to support me there with your valuable inputs! Thanks!