Pine PBR texture

Hi , new in the forum. Hope this is the right category to ask this:

I am trying to find a pine PBR texture (not flooring, but veneer). I am open to pay, so any suggestion is welcomed. I found a really nice ones from Arroway, but they only sell packs and they are around 300 euros…Might be too much for one texture.

Thanks a lot

I dunno how easy it would be to just make your own PBR texture… looking at this page: it looks like bump and reflectivity are basically greyscale version of the first texture with different brightness/contrast. By putting the colour texture into invert into roughness, and into a VERY low bumpmap (height of about 0.02)…

You MAY also… in this vid he shows a trick for simulating the unique shinyness of some woods where different sections reflect as though pointing in different directions - he explains it better than me:

Oh, and… welcome aboard!

or check some procedural stuff

and another

This looks awesome. I am using Keyshot (model is a rhino file). I was wondering if I can bake those textures and grab the different channel maps for using into Keyshot ?

:smiley: indeed, you can…