Pinecone modeling

Dear fellow Blender users,

I’m trying to recreate the pinecone shown below.
It’s from this youtube video modelling it in Grasshopper.

I try to achieve the same carving going around.

So far I tried to wrap around spirals and then use a boolean, but that does not work. Another ideas was to do it in the shader
I’m not quite happy because it’s not after baking the material I cannot unwrap it properly and second I think it would be generally better to do it with geometry nodes.
Maybe someone has an idea how to start in geometry nodes. Especially with regard to the Grasshopper tutorial.

Thanks mates

Here is the shader setup

And the result of the shader setup.

Take a look at this, it would be simple to cast the pine seed shape to a form…

Hi RSEhlers,

I already found this video and it’s a nice way to cas the scales on a shape. But I really try to get the carving like shown in the two first pictures.

Thanks anyway it’s a cool method.