Ping, a ping-pong game using just logic bricks.

Ping, a ping-pong game using just logic bricks.

I usually use python to do almost everything, but I know very little about the logic bricks and physics, thus, I made a small game using just logic bricks. The game is just one level, feel free to add to it or learn from it. The textures are free to use, I made them myself.

W & S to move paddle, first to ten wins.

I’ll warn you, the opponent is tough, plus there are some glitches with the physics.


Next, I’ll see what spin I can put on space invaders. It’ll be a riot.

Aha, I have made both an pong game and space invaders-ish game using just logic. the difference is I know absolutely zero python. I can give you a link to my pong and space invaders game, if you like.

Nice game, though. The only gripe I had was that the ball moved a bit too slow.

That’s kind of funny, because I often think about doing a space invaders game. Its one of my favorite classic arcade games, so I’ll be exited to see yours.:smiley:

After 10 minutes, I finally got a goal (point?)
Then I collapsed of exhaustion :0 Takes too long for the ball to reach top speed.