Pininfarina Concept Car - Tutorial Pages 1 - 5 WiP

I haven’t posted a WiP in ages … just started this … has to be finished by Monday! (I’d say it’s about 25% done - no interior, tires need work, the glass … )
hope to finish the outside tomorrow!

ciao :slight_smile:

p.s. go easy on the crits, i’m a noob!

link is dead : /

oooops, typo in the link! It’s fixed now - thanks ahuri :slight_smile:

Looking good! Something about the lighting on the top bothers me though. It makes the car texture look toonish.

thats GREAT for a noob, which i am, and i can’t even make a cartoon box! lol

Pretty damn good. To set the record straight through, you’re a newb, not a noob. I don’t think you want to refer to yourself derogatorily. Secondly, going easy on the crits isn’t something often done around here, especially for newbs. The big pushes is how the skill level of the person grows.

But, as I’m just getting into vehicular modeling myself, I can’t really crit this too harshly. Love the curves and the flow, the lighting setup needs to be tweaked a bit. Of course, Global Illumination type lighting would really make this stand out.

It’s simplistic, and yet, I’d totally sell my whole family to slavery to own one…perhaps.

The model itself looks nice (especially like the rims), but I feel that the lighting needs to be more uniform (it’s really just a little too bright on top compared to the sides). Raising the camera a little and maybe adjusting the angle a bit would provide a better sense of depth, I think.

Also, the design of the car doesn’t seem to make sense from the standpoint of functionality. Maybe it’s just the perspective of the render playing tricks on me, but it doesn’t seem to me like the person inside the car would be able to get a good view (if any view at all) of the outside. Is this car supposed to have some kind display inside the cockpit that is being fed an image instead of a regular window?

And one tip for getting some nice highlights on the cars reflective paint: place some shadeless white rectangles around the scene (out of view of the camera, but not too far away from the car). Depending on which renderer you use, it could help to give the shadeless rectangles an emit value as well.

I recently did a test with reflection highlights using shadeless rectangles:

It’s a PNG with transparency, so if it looks weird in your browser then you’re probably using IE6 or below and I pity you.

I am a newb!

Thanks guys for the comments … btw, the reference pictures I use can be found here.

After tweaking some more, I’ve decided to start over with a new model which looks not only better, but also has a much reduced mesh so that I can animate it.

I’ll be back!

The Maserati Birdcage… Keep going, this should turn out looking awesome! Maybe a different camera angle would give us a better vioew of the car. And personally, I would change the colour but that’s just me. Keep Going!

time flies when having fun :slight_smile:

here’s a test render from today … it’s getting there.

p.s. This is a new model (made about six of them so far) and I hope to have scene with a few cars … maybe doing a little race?

Looks great…good work

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Thanks Ironmonk and Nitronic :slight_smile:

ok, back to business … after a few test renders, I’ve decided on white.
Here’s a little update before I fix a few nasties :wink:

any input is more than welcome especially ideas for an environment. I have a highway chase in mind but am open to better ideas.


Looks nice, I wonder, what are the nasties/flaws? What is this project for? If you want to tell that off course. I’m kinda curious since you stated the second one was a new model. Why build 2 models with the same shape? did one have messy topo?

Suggestions for a scene: how about a kinda I-robot highway thingy.
Or lots of roads/bridges in the sky.Car looks futuristic, why not change the road to futuristic as well. It sure as hell doesn’t look like it likes anything other than flat roads anyway.

One crit, although probably minor in this case:
I usually trip over the usefulness in real life of these objects, so aside from the wheels being so very very low, which kills suspension and makes it dependent of a flat road, it’s wheels are too close to the chassis to be able to rotate. So it can hardly steer.
But i doubt this is important in your case because you seem to be going for style.
And it looks great.

Looks nice, I wonder, what are the nasties/flaws? What is this project for? If you want to tell that off course. I’m kinda curious since you stated the second one was a new model. Why build 2 models with the same shape? did one have messy topo?

I had to fix a lot of texturing issues (done now) and the reason I said “nasty” is that once the mesh gets sub divided, it’s a pain to fix (and hence things turn nasty).
What is the project for? Hmmmm, the other night I was browsing on the net and found a cool concept car model. As usual, when I come across an awesome model, I try to recreate it.
As far as multiple attempts … I always make a handful of models and then pick the best for the final render. It’s not much work to model and takes about an hour per car.

Oh, and thanks for the suggestions, I love your ideas and am already imagining things …

p.s. updates later tonight when you all are sleeping :slight_smile:

here’s a little test animation
100 frames, 3 seconds, divx codec. VLC should open it no sweat.

what do you think about the scale of the car in relation to the scenery?

here’s the link

I am very happy with the blender internal render!
still ways to go but … I like the models

Your car model looks fascinating,do you have indingo or maxwell renderer?

Your car model looks fascinating,do you have indigo or maxwell renderer?

Hello Master D!

Unfortunately, i don’t have any of those render packages. While another animation was rendering, I read up on indigo but it seams a lot of work to get the textures and parameters going … Sometimes I use Yafray but most renders are just quick blender internal test renders with no fine tuning of textures or light setup.

I hope to upload a real animation later tonight (by that I mean 4 am pacific time :wink:

looks good, and… indigo ain’t a pain in the ass… at least… with ‘Blendigo’ it isn’t

wow, very nice, i like it and im into sports cars alot, except when i try to make one it ends up looking like a garbage truck, lol, and what a WIP?

hey gang,
I’m in the process of making a tutorial based on the last car model (the gray one).
Yesterday I finished the first draft but usually I have to revise about 5 times before I’m happy.
This is my second revision and I would value your input at this stage.

Any feedback is most welcome and I hope to finish in the next few days …

It should display ok with firefox or IE … ciao for now :slight_smile:

p.s. i’m also interested to learn how many ppl would prefer a video tutorial over a written one? vote [ ] yes [ ] no