Pink Bat- Low poly for Games

Thats a concept I found on the internet I dont really know the owner if the sketch but it was funny to do the character. (i tried to change the it a little)
It was designed for game purposes. (low poly model)
So tell me what you think and what should I improve on this on other future characters like this one :slight_smile:
The textures were made in blender.
PS: i know that the pants and cloths may need some more work but i was trying to focus on the skin aspect in blender not textures made in a 2d image manipulation programs :slight_smile:

Try using PasteAll. :slight_smile: Make sure to click the image after uploading, then copy and paste.

Ok there you go…
thank for advice
now is working :slight_smile:

Haha, he looks really cool. There’s a good amount of expression for such little polygons, nice work.