Pink Deer

Made this doe,
a deer,
a female deer
also I gave her antlers, cause antlers are pretty

here’s a timelapse:


If the intent was to make a cute image that appeals to girls, then the execution is rock solid.

Good work.

That’s a little sexist, and it’s also not doing the work justice. I like the image and I’m not a girl. I also know girls who like don’t care about this style at all…


I did say the image was good and I find it cute myself, but since when did opinions on whether or not something could* appeal more to [insert gender here] become controversial?

*Key word, not sold as absolute or as a fact.

welp, now I made something controversial, to be fair it was kinda meant to be kinda cutesy-princessy
tho not necessarily aimed at a little girl type audience.
it’s actually a style experiment for a short I wanna make with some (mostly adult male) friends


also as a girl, I really like dragons and death-metal so take that I guess


Welcome to modern times, where tons of things that shouldn’t be controversial at all are suddenly controversial :confounded:

I will wait to see what your idea of the short will be. Glad you chimed in and cleared things up.

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lol sure, now I shall return to painting Manly McManface


Hey @RoseRedTiger - I am just getting into sculpting… I see that you painted your mesh once you were done sculpting, before you retopologised it. Was this just for artistic reasons to “sanity check” it, or did you use those colors somehow that I didn’t comprehend? Excellent work, btw!

lol, I considered not retopologizing at first, and just using vertex colors, however I changed my mind later, and then uv unwrapped and did a proper texture paint, mostly because I wanted to be able to paint at a proper resolution and mess with materials more in depth


I saw a real doe this morning. It almost ran in front of me while driving. I did see it make it across the road. Strange for it to be deep in a residential like this.

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poor doe, must’ve been quite the scare hope she’s alright

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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yay thanks =)

put her on sketchfab:

also, name suggestions?

You’re #featured! :+1:

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yay, thank you


Love it, especially the ‘ZBrushy’ feel everything has, and the starry eyes. :ok_hand:

thanks =) the sculpt branch kinda lends itself to that

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Deer god… nice and colorful work, I like it! :slight_smile:

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